FS: Home Audio Video JBL 104-BT Studio Monitor Speakers [Brand New Unused]


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Packed Brand New
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Oct 20, 2020
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Bought for gifting, but plan changed. Currently lying unused, as I have 2 more pairs of the same
I have for sale a JBL 104-BT Studio Monitor Speakers. Bought during the Flipkart BBD sale for gifting purpose, but changed plans later.
So, this speaker has been lying unused in its original box with the original packing intact. I had only opened it once for testing.
Product Info: https://jblpro.com/en/products/104-bt

These speakers are so damn good for near field listening, clean and pristine sound, with the right amount of bass and can get plenty loud over cable and BT. Perfect for listening to music!
I already have a couple of pairs already, hence I decided not to keep this one as well :)

Current Market Price is quite high (around 11k+), and I've priced it a little lower than what I paid for it during the sale.
Would prefer local buyers (for easy hand-to-hand). Shipping will be at actuals & at buyers risk.