1. WR4P-TP

    FS: Monitor and LCD Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

    ₹75,000 (pickup only). Purchased directly from Samsung-India. Tried returning it. But the return request got rejected due to my reason “don’t like it”, wasn’t good enough.
  2. C

    WTB 1080p monitor Bangalore local

    Need a 1080p monitor local f2f Bangalore
  3. GeeBee007

    FS: Monitor and LCD Benq xl2546 240hz monitor

    (Lines in images are due to camera) Around 4 years old. In good condition. Can be shipped. All accessories there.(except wings on side) Helping a friend to sell this. Working "Mast" as per him. Open to any kind of offer/Negotiable. Just come pm to discuss.
  4. banana_smoothie

    WTB AM4 CPU(or APU)+MB+RAM for a budget build

    Trying to make a budget build, and after thinking for a while I've somewhat settled on AM4 platform simply because of the plethora of options it has. I can buy locally if you're in banglore, shipping can be either banglore or kaushambi district, Uttar Pradesh. My goal is to keep it cpu+mb+ram...
  5. mepsyduck

    WTB 2k 24in monitor with high refresh rate (>=120hz)

    Looking for monitior with above specs. Will buy monitor stand too if available. Preferably under warranty. Budget: ~10k
  6. CoverSpark

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer KA270H 27inch 1080p 60hz Monitor for sale

    Hey, Im selling my Acer ka270h monitor. This is a replacement Monitor for an Old Acer monitor. it is completely unused and comes with an hdmi, power cord and a plastic cover. It has warranty until July 2023. Looking for a quick sale. Warranty and Invoice included. Thanks.
  7. GeeBee007

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer 2k 270hz monitor (XV272UX)

    One of the best monitor for high res gaming. 60w power on type c + display input. 10bit panel (8-bit+frc). 4x usb ports. Bought to play competitive games. Selling now because stopped playing competitive and focus on other things. RMAed some time back because the original monitor had some dead...
  8. PhilterKapi

    Monitors Monitor screen flickering intermittently

    Hey folks, Model: Benw GW2470-B Left this monitor in storage for about a year and when I finally decided to put it to use, it had this issue. Don't think there was an accidental damage, never dropped, no cracks etc. Tried reseating the internal cables etc, no luck. The display panel is still...
  9. broksindri

    Monitors Cheapest decent monitor i can buy ?

    Usage : gaming + work Requirements : * HDMI (2 ports if possible will be nice) *Inbuilt speakers (are they any good though ? heard only poor reviews about inbuilt speakers sound levels) *Headphones jack (if possible) i am currently looking at this acer monitor TIA
  10. salian

    WTB Used Monitors, VESA mountable [Mumbai]

    Want to buy up to 5 used monitors in Mumbai for startup. - ideally between 21" to 27" (24" would be perfect) - having a desk stand as well as VESA-mountable holes on the back (want this to mount small NUCs or similar, on the back) - ideally having in-built speakers - location in Mumbai /...
  11. aercy

    FS: Monitor and LCD BenQ 32” 4K HDR VA Panel - EW3270U (22 months old)

    Selling as I’m buying 42 inch TV as replacement. Have been using with PS5, Apple TV, PC, and Xbox Series X. Decent HDR, great 4K 60fps performance. Here is a video: (Watch in 4K60fps HDR on YouTube) Price fixed. Shipping extra.
  12. S

    FS: Monitor and LCD Alienware AW3420DW 34" 3440x1440 Ultrawide 120hz Gsync Monitor

    Selling my Alienware AW3420DW monitor as I upgraded to the OLED model. It was purchased on 16th March 2021 and comes with a 3year warranty. The original box will be provided and the monitor will be packed inside. Please note that I am only going to be giving the power cable that comes with the...
  13. CeyeN

    Monitors LG C2 42 OLED as a computer monitor

    I've been brainstorming about replacing my 27 inch 2k + 24 inch 1080p monitors with a single 42 inch OLED LG C2 for the below reasons * has the same ppi as my 27 inch 2k screen * As big as both 26 + 24 inches combined ( Still room for more ) * 4k 120hz Gsync and Feeesync * It's an oled, so inky...
  14. P

    FS: Monitor and LCD BenQ 24 inch Full HD LED Backlit TN Panel Height Adjustment, 3D, Swivel Adjustment, Flicker-Free Gaming Monitor (XL2411P) Response Time: 1 ms, 144 Hz

    Best monitor in the segment, no intro required. Google the model name and you will find plenty of info. It's in next to new condition, zero scratches/use marks, works flawlessly, very rarely used due to work commitments. Prefer local pickup as I don't have box for shipping and shipping is gonna...
  15. joshuajebaraj

    WTB Want to buy 4k monitor as my second monitor

    Hey Everyone I am looking for buying an extra monitor for my setup Below are the features I am looking for 1. 4K IPS 2. Vesa mount support 3. 27 inch minimum
  16. T

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz - 27inch/1440p/165hz/IPS/G-sync

    Selling my 3.5 year old Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz gaming monitor bought in March-2019 from as moving to a 4k monitor. Working perfectly and in great condition. 27-inch, 1440p, 165hz, IPS, G-sync (not free-sync)
  17. Plutoleader

    WTB 27 Inch IPS Panel Gaming Monitor 2k resolution 144hz Refresh rate or higher

    Want to upgrade my monitor form fhd to qhd
  18. C

    FS: Monitor and LCD Crossover 27" QHD/1440p Monitor + Desk-mount stand

    Crossover 27" QHD/1440p monitor. Originally a Korean import acquired from a fellow member just after Covid lockdown. Has only DVI input. Power-on LED does not work. No original stand - including a metal (quite heavy) desk-mount stand. Includes power adapter + DVI-DVI cable. Do not have...
  19. napstersquest

    Monitors Need help in finding a monitor (Ultrawide 1440p fast IPS 144+Hz)

    I am a software engineer by day, gamer by weekends/evenings. I currently own an LG 27GL850 (2560x1440 nano IPS 144Hz) and I love it. Also have an LG 22MP68VQ (1920x1080 IPS 75Hz) in vertical orientation alongside. I wanted to give ultrawides a try, without compromising on the gaming...
  20. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB LG 19v monitor power adapter

    Mine died recently and all I can find online are cheap Chinese stuff. So if anyone has one(model no: ADS-40FSG-19) or one of a comparable spec(19v 1.3A or higher with a barrel connector) I'd be interested in buying it. Thanks for your time.