1. zibalingz

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer VG271U IPS QHD 144hz / Benq EL2870U 4K / Acer KG271 FHD 144hz

    Hello, Looking to sell 3 monitors with bills locally as org boxes are not available. All are in excellent working condition. Acer Nitro VG271U - Benq 4K EL2870U - Acer...
  2. I

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer Nitro VG240Y - 24" FHD 165hz (wall mount + led strip)

    Selling my Acer gaming monitor because upgrading to 2k. Also giving away wall mount and monitor led strip (only green led works) along with the monitor. Box and monitor stand also included. There is a very tiny mark that isn't visible to the naked eye. It's been there probably since I bought it...
  3. CeyeN

    FS: Monitor and LCD LG 4K Monitor 27UL500

    Selling this on behalf of a friend No box or bill. Product is in perfect condition. no dead pixels or anything. Prefer a local buyer, can ship it on buyer's risk and expense.
  4. rraza87

    Monitors I am looking for a good 1440p 24inch-27inch 144Hz (or higher) monitor. Any suggestion?

    I am looking for a good 1440p 24inch-27inch 144Hz (or higher) monitor. Any suggestion? I have been using a 1440p 24inch 75Hz LG monitor, and I play valorant on it. My GPU can push around 400-600 fps easily, but the monitor :( So, I am looking for an upgrade.
  5. DigitalDude

    Budget 21-30k Help me select a 27" 1440p IPS monitor

    My current display is Dell U2312HM which is more than a decade old. currently it is occasionally turning off and on (maybe due to Chennai heat as the problem is not there when the AC is running). So I have planned to upgrade to a 27" 1440p IPS monitor with higher refresh rate and other features...
  6. I

    FS: Monitor and LCD LG Ultrawide 25UM58 25inch Monitor

    Selling my LG 25UM58 Ultrawide monitor. Bought somewhere between 2017-2018. The board was replaced with a brand new one in 2021 because the earlier one had some issues. No issues or dead pixels. Item condition: 4/5 (little dusty and minor scratches on the stand) I have the original box and...
  7. jaydeep_p

    Monitors Refurbished monitor from Amazon

    I placed an order for a refurbished acer monitor from Amazon, the only issue is that it was considerably cheaper (~25%) compared to a new unit. So now I'm doubting the condition of the product, the listing mentioned 'excellent' but the heavy discount seems out of place. I'm not quite sure about...
  8. PradUp

    FS: Others 1080/1440p Monitor+Arm, GTX 1650, H110+G4560+8GB, 8GB SODIMM,1TB/2TB SSD,16TB EXOS, 100W GaN, Logitech G102, PSUs, plus some junk.

    All things have 7 days testing warranty unless mentioned otherwise. Please do your own research on specifications and compatibility, if you have any further questions regarding anything please PM me. Shipping might take upto 4 days and the charges are to be borne by the buyer. Strike through...
  9. technspot

    FS: Monitor and LCD Monitor For SALE : AOC 24G2U 24 inch 144 Hz IPS FHD

    Hello, Want to sell the below montior. Name : AOC Model : 24G2U Resolution : 1929x1080 Panel : IPS Refresh rate : 144 Hz Condition : Good/ Used for 2 months then upgraded Reason for sale : Upgraded to 165hz Monitor Location : Kolkata, West bengal Mode of sale : F2F preferred as shipping...
  10. MetalheadTiger

    Monitors Highest refresh rate 27" 2K/QHD monitor under 20K

    Basically the title. Also suggest one under 25k with the same conditions. Thanks. Edit: Upon my research, I found: For 20k: 180hz For 25k...
  11. R

    FS: Monitor and LCD Monitor For SALE : Acer Nitro VG271U 27 inch 144 Hz IPS WQHD

    Hi There, Want to sell the below Monitor Name : Acer Nitro Model : VG271U Resolution : 2560x1440 Panel : IPS Refresh rate : 144 Hz Condition : Good Reason for sale : Upgraded to 4k Monitor Location : Chennai, Tamil nadu Mode of sale : F2F in Chennai, ATM not willing to ship as product box is...
  12. I

    Monitors Advice needed regarding monitor light bar

    Hello everyone I'm looking to buy a monitor light bar but some of them are disgustingly pricy while some are cheap af... Idk what's the difference? Are they actually helpful? I have developed deep dark circles and eve strain due to regular exposure to pc and phone for years looking for some...
  13. I

    FS: Others BT headset & tp-link outdoor cctv & HP v220 monitor

    Platronics Voyager Focus - Product link Bought this for wfh during pandemic (around 2020) but haven't been using for past few months. Used it mainly for meetings and calls, no use for me now. Works perfectly fine Battery backup 5-6hr with ANC Don't have the charging dock anymore, can use micro...
  14. variablevector

    Budget 0-20k 27" 1440p high refresh rate monitor for gaming/media consumption for around 20k?

    I'm currently using a BenQ GW2480 -- a 24" 1080p 60hz monitor that can't even overclock to 75hz. No freesync/g-sync either. Color accuracy and contrast are pretty mediocre etc. The only saving grace is that it's not a TN panel. So I figure anything in the 20k price range would be a massive...
  15. MarioBros

    FS: Monitor and LCD Dell 24 inch P2419H Monitor

    Dell 24 inch Monitor - P2419H model Monitor is 2 years old and perfectly working. No dead pixels or white patches, display has couple of negligible minor scratches. Includes power cable & Display port cable, no box. Specs IPS Panel - Full HD 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz LED-backlit LCD monitor - 24"...
  16. envira

    CPU/Mobo Need help regarding a very old PC - Boot error and Monitor issue

    Hi, I visited my ancestral home and during cleaning found out my old pc which I built 10+ years ago. I used to upgrade it and last I used it was in 2014/15. Since then it was lying unused. It used to run windows 8 with 8 gigs of Ram powered by an Intel i3 3rd Gen processor with 1tb HDD. Now...
  17. R

    WTB Cheap PSU and Monitor

    Need a PSU and a Monitor urgently for a budget PC I am putting together from my left over parts for someone less fortunate. PSU needs to power a 65w Ryzen + basic display out gpu. Anything with 400W+ from a reputable brand should be fine. Monitor needs to be FHD, VA or IPS is fine. Not looking...
  18. I

    Monitors LCD Controller EDP Board to revive my old Laptop's LCD Screen

    Hi Guys, I have my old laptop Asus FX553VD which died a few years ago. I took every possible working part out of it and sold it or used it myself. Now I was looking at how I can revive and use the laptop LCD Screen (NT156FHM-N41) and came across this product...
  19. mod_to_odd


    Hello friends. Selling my Gigabyte M27Q Monitor. All accessories as seen in pics are included. 1 year warranty left from date of purchase. The best thing is that the monitor has a KVM switch inbuilt which is super convenient. I prefer high refresh rate 1080p 24” monitor, hence selling this...
  20. E

    Need a good monitor for my Laptop

    Hi, I recently bought a Acer Nitro V Gaming Laptop 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13420H with RTX 4050 Graphics 6GB VRAM, 144Hz Display (16GB DDR5/512GB SSD/Windows 11 Home/Wi-Fi 6),15.6"(39.6cms) FHD ANV15-51. I am looking for a good monitor for this laptop since I will be using this for gaming. I...