1. sidk47

    What cable to buy for my Dell U2311H

    Hi guys, I am using the monitor as described in the title. Currently I am using VGA. But only today did I realize that my monitor supports Display Port as well. Can anybody tell me which cable to buy to connect my nVidia GTX 970 with this monitor? I no longer want to use VGA. Should I buy...
  2. wooka


    I'm looking for: 1. Monitor - 24-27inch. Good to have - any of these : 75Hz+, 2ms, 2k, non-TN panel. 2. CPU - T or K version 6th or 7th gen. 3. RAM - DDR4 - 8GB sticks minimum.
  3. Mubashshir2017

    FS: Processor i7 950 and Xeon E5620 both at working condition at RS 9000

    i7 950 and Xeon E5620 both are at working condition.....motherboard gone faulty so not in use. i7 950 - RS 5000 Xeon E5620 - RS 4000 price is slightly negotiable. 7 days testing warranty from the receiving date. also have Intel WX58BP dead. I will give it for free with processor
  4. sanjeevram

    Monitors Monitor to use as a TV for 15k?

  5. J

    FS: Monitor and LCD LG 24GM77 144hz gaming monitor

    (SOLD) Selling a LG 24GM77 gaming monitor with all accessories and box. Warranty till July 2019. Reason for sale is to upgrade to a larger, g-sync monitor
  6. R

    Monitors 1080p 34" Ultrawide - worth it?

    I am interested in buying a 34" Ultrawide monitor, and the 1080p ones seems within my budget. I have used my last monitor for 8 years and am looking for similar longevity from my new purchase. The only thing I feel might out date my purchase is the 1080p resolution. Also, as of today I do not...
  7. M

    Budget 0-20k 24-25 inch FHD monitor within 18k

    Hi Guys, I am planning to change my 5 year old 24" FHD BenQ monitor.Mostly this monitor will be used for gaming (about 10 hrs max a week :() and not much else though since I do my handbrake encoding on this PC mostly via Windows Remote connection from my laptop. My...
  8. U

    FS: Monitor and LCD 14k! DELL E2715H IPS 27" WITH ADJUSTABLE STAND

    Like New Dell E2715H IPS monitor: FULL HD 1920X1080P resolution Full sRGB coverage No bleed or bad pixels No scratches or damage Absolutely like new out of box condition Comes with a 3M HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE STAND INCLUDED IN COST. THIS ALONE IS WORTH 7K. Local buyers in NCR Preferred but open to...
  9. DigitalDude

    Monitor stand for Dell U2312H

    well my Dell U2312H's monitor stand just broke (height adjustable mechanism broke) so I need a fully functional (height adjustable, tilt, sway etc all working) Dell U2312H monitor stand original from Dell or equivalent model that is compatible for U2312H with all those functions. _
  10. jijojose79

    FS: Monitor and LCD Samsung Syncmaster 19" LCD/TFT Widescreen

    - Samsung Syncmaster 19" LCD/TFT Widescreen is in excellent condition - No dead pixels and working well - only Bangalore local pickup preferred
  11. samiryadav

    Monitors Help : Best monitor under 13000 INR for reading/studying

    Hello friends i need help, Recently i sold my Samsung syncMaster 21.5 inch LED monitor and now i need to buy a new one. I tried searching forum but failed to decide on one. Purpose:- For long hours of READING(8-10 hours).So it should be good on eyes. some programming ,CAD and movies. i do not...
  12. B

    Hi there

    Hi there boys and girls i m selling my 3 months old 144hz 1ms Gaming monitor 24inch full HD 1920*1080p
  13. W

    Monitors HP 21KD 20.7 inch monitor worth buying?

    Hello TE, I'm looking for a FHD budget monitor and saw this one going for 5700 on snapdeal. It's a 20.7 inch FHD, non IPS, is it worth buying? Considering I'm on a tight budget? Pc specs : i5 4570, 750 ti 2 gb
  14. Rahul R

    Monitors Monitor with vertical pivot

    I want to see if there are monitors which can be swiveled to a portrait or landscape orientation easily. I have found one model which is in the market right now. Want to know if there are more. Dell 21.5" P2217H Professional Monitor...
  15. itspriyank

    FS: Desktops PC Hardware - RAM + CPU + Monitor +MoBo + Graphics Card

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Asus Strix R9 390x Gaming 8 GB Expected Price: Rs 25000/- SOLD Source and Time of Purchase: Jan 2016 Reason for Sale: Never Used RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: 10/10 (Pristine Condition. Not used for more...
  16. J

    Budget 0-20k Suggest a budget FHD gaming monitor ~ 7-10K

    TechEnclavians, I am looking for a budget FHD gaming monitor with HDMI cable not more than 10K so please pour in your suggestions. Some research from my side: 1) 2)...
  17. A

    FS: Monitor and LCD Asus PB278Q 27" Warranty until March 2017

    ASUS PB278Q 27" Professional Monitor Price Drop > 21,000 Item Condition is 5/5 because the entire LCD Panel was replaced yesterday by official ASUS Service Center (Reason - Previous screen had a bit of dark blotches at right hand corner. All accessories and it's Stand are unused because I used...
  18. rakesh_ic

    FS: Monitor and LCD Benq 24 inch - GL2450

    Please feel free to PM me in case of any queries. Do not crap the thread. for more pics check -
  19. rahulpayne

    Monitors LG UHD 27" Freesync Monitor

    Was waiting for these 27 inch freesync monitor. Called LG customer support to ask its price well its more costlier than ordering it from Amazon US with shipping and custom duties :( Anyone enquire about this ? i hope it becomes cheap over the time...
  20. A

    Monitors Dell U2715H vs HP Pavilion 27 CW

    I need a larger monitor for my Graphic Design work and after lot of research realized that it is best to go for an IPS panel. But I am really confused between these two models. Dell U2715H is expensive but is WQHD (2560x1440) whereas HP 27 CW is only FHD (1920x1080) and is 12-15K cheaper. Does...