Monitors LCD Controller EDP Board to revive my old Laptop's LCD Screen


Hi Guys,

I have my old laptop Asus FX553VD which died a few years ago. I took every possible working part out of it and sold it or used it myself.

Now I was looking at how I can revive and use the laptop LCD Screen (NT156FHM-N41) and came across this product:
This board hooks with our laptop monitor and has a power and HDMI/VGA input using which we can use the LCD screen as our monitor.

Has anyone done something like this using such a board?
I wanted to buy this and it's only available on AliExpress. Unfortunately, AliExpress does not ship to India. :( I can get this shipped to one of my friends in the USA and they can carry it when they will visit India, but it will take so much of time. Can anyone help me get this?


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Try eBay, there's a discussion here:

If it's urgent-ish, you could request iBhejo to import it from Amazon US (if it's available there on prime): Their website is extremely laggy at times.

You can send in a request for a single item but you're not obligated to purchase it, they'll just add it to their listings. I had them import an EDP controller for an iPad screen some months ago, a $30 controller ended up costing Rs 5.4k, this one:

Alternatively, you could buy a cheap/broken 15" monitor, they often use an EDP controller board paired with a laptop screen — these sell for around 800 to 1500, depending on the condition. Usually, if the connector fits then the display works — EDP is a flexible standard. I've used controllers and screens between manufacturers and sizes (both 14" and 15" and with AOC/Acer/etc monitors)
Hi @rsaeon,
Thank you so much. Those threads have a lot of info. I ordered the board from and got in within 14 days after shipping :D
Will test it now.
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