List of fraudulent members - Please check before dealing!

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With the influx of members into the TE market, reported cases of fraudulent deals have increased. Sometimes it is lack of communication and misunderstanding between the members. However for the cases when its actually a fraud, let this thread be a reference.
Since you are responsible for the deals you make on TE, please go through this thread before you buy anything from a stranger. You might find a familiar name or a familiar pattern.
If you feel you have been cheated then feel free to start a feedback thread. if the accused is not able to defend his position then your post will be appended to this thread.
List of Blacklisted Members:
  1. tusharrastogi / xcuseme1978
  2. Viking
  3. deepakc, sridharcg
  4. raj.king45
  5. hell.rocker
  6. xonar / farcry / zapak
  7. longlife
  8. bunny3412 / don12345 / BHULLAR BOYS
  9. redcross
  10. Abh1shek
  11. kishan_razor / BoRNTeRRI3T
  12. Yours_Majesty / Rajan Verma
  13. paraskhosla
  14. titanium556
  15. manucitc
  16. harlemboy
  17. roy89
  18. imtiaz786
  19. Rituj Beniwal

List of scammed items :-
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Re: Warning against fradulent members

Blacklisted member: tusharrastogi, xcuseme1978

Member profile page: tusharrastogi xcuseme1978

Source thread

Moderator Response

memnom said:
Guys , i was looking for a good deal in the Market section, and came along this deal

and there are two guys willing to part their Quaddys at a nice price,

tusharratsogi (7k)[Delhi] and xcuseme1978 (6k) [Kolkata]

so i contacted xcuseme1978 and was taking to him in the yahoo messenger.

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this is our entire chat conversation.

i asked xcuseme1978 for a coupla pictures of the Products (Q6600 + Ip35-E + Corsair 4GB for 15k) but he said he doesnt have a camera or cam mobile. (fishy for a guys who said he is getting a Q9650 and going abroad)

and then i asked him for his mobile and he said he dosnt have a mobile at all(even stranger....)

then as a last resort i asked him if he has a friend to vouch for him , he said yes and said his friends name was "Tushar Ratsogi" and gave me his number to which i called up and spoke, and that tushar guy vouched for his friend.

He then gave his HDFC account, and guess whats the name of the account was??? "Tushar Ratsogi"

so i got really suspicious and PM'd the mods, but they are yet to reply me about this matter.

but my guess is that two guys ip's would be same.

So guys we have a scammer among us, please lets kill him , or on a softer voice take some resolute action against him :)
Re: Warning against fradulent members

Blacklisted Member: Viking

Member Profile Page

Source thread

Spoke to the seller,

He is asking me to send the wrong earphone, he has sent to me, first then only he will send the earphone (that too K550i s earphone) it seems, reason – he cannot trust me it seems, after getting my money also ??

He refused to take back the phone and return the money (even after deducting the courier charges), it seems that he never told that he will take back the phone.

He says there are two versions of SE W950i, one comes with the remote control and good hands free and the other version comes with an ordinary earphones (he mentioned that, one which he sold me is only ordinary version comes with this ordinary headphones, costs about 22k for new it seems). I verified in the shop, there is only one version available in SE W950i, even otherwise he has mentioned in his sale that it costs 26k for new, so it should come only with remote control handsfree. He is just making stories of different model phones.

When asked about the condition of the phone, seller told that he never told that it will look like new. (but mods, please see in his thread starting post)

I clearly understood that this seller is not genuine seller. There is no possibility of getting the original accessories. He has told me that I have saved about 11k by not buying a new mobile, so I can buy whatever accessories I want by utilizing that saved money, he tells.

To sum up everything ,

The W950i Package should contain:

A. Phone,

B. Charger,

C. Portable Handsfree (Part 1) with a remote controle,

D. Carrying pouch for the Portable handsfree,

E. Portable Handsfree (part 2) HPM-82 stereo-headset

F. Battery,

G. USB Cable,

H. Two CDs

I. Documentation package.

In the above, phone is not having a cover for the external antenna connector (he must have lost it) and is having a dent. A correct stylus is provided now (but it has become very loose to be placed in the holder). SO the phone is not definitely 20 days old as claimed by the Seller. It must have been used for atleast six months.

Charger – Seller has sent a charger now.

Handsfree – not provided the correct one (original ones are costly).

He has also provided me a Bluetooth HS, (a Chinese one, it’s a pain to use it, calls will drop frequently). Though at the beginning he promised to give a BTHS, when I offered to buy the mobile, seller persuaded me telling that the BTHS is 1.5 years old and its not useful, etc etc. At last gave one as he has stated earlier. (you can see this in my earlier posts).

New Phone is available for about 25k.

Deducting 35 % (rs. 8750) for the 6 months old phone the price will be Rs. 16,250/-

I have offered him Rs. 16,500 + Rs. 300 for shipping. I paid the same.

I need to service the phone to fix the external antenna cover that will cost me about 1,000 rs. I need to buy the original Handsfree, (as its meant to be a music phone, it needs good headphone, only in the original setup 3.5mm jack will be available) it will be around 2,000 rs. Stylus is loose in its holder(excess usage or not the original one provided, I don’t know), so I need to buy one its about 1,000 Rs. Totaling Rs.4,000/- to be spent to make the phone as in the state of as good as new (as claimed by the seller). So the price I paid is Rs. 16,800 + Rs. 4,000 = Rs. 20,800/- (I saved Rs. 4,000/- by not purchasing a new one and I lost the warranty, my time, mental pressure, moreover this guy calling me what not????? Even my profession was attacked by this guy. I forgot to add the money spent for making calls to this guy, also SMS charges). I should have bought a new phone spending few thousands extra.

More than all these things, being a TE member, he has not disclosed anything properly, so intention is very clear.

Seller has misrepresented that the phone is only 20 days old and is as good as new. Believing his words, I bought it. I have learnt a lesson now, but in a hard way.

Sellers genuineness is questionable.
Re: List of fraudulent members - Please check before dealing !

Blacklisted Member: bunny3412 / don12345 / BHULLAR BOYS

Additional Info:-

Name : Bunny Bhullar

Address : 133,east mohan nagar,

industrial area,

amritsar (punjab)

Ph. no. : 919988233739


Duplicate IDs. False iTrader ratings.
Name: paraskhosla

Account details:

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
Account Number - 54510255216
Account - Savings
IFSC - SCBL0036029
Name - Pradeep Khosla

Address: Shop No. 4, Central Market, Sector Ii, Westavenue Rd., Punjabi Bagh (west), New Delhi - 110 038

Complaint thread:

Market thread:

Reason for blacklisting: No communication with a member after several follow ups. Game disc wasn't working and member refused to respond to PMs when asked for a refund.
Name: titanium556, violax

Account details:

Bank: HDFC
Account no- 09251xxxxx5948
Name- Aditya Chatterjee
IFSC- HDFC0000925

Contact number: 8826676646

Address: NA, lives in Noida

Reason for ban/blacklisting: Spamming around in the forums using multiple IDs created using proxies, passing negative market feedbacks to members with whom he hasn't dealt with, wasting others' time. Sending rape threats to members.

PS: We have the complete account details. Please do not mess around in the forums and send rape threats and abuses to members henceforth. Consider this a final warning from our side.
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Name: manucitc

Account details:

Manoj Patel
Account number - 911010xxxxx1079
IFSC code - UTIB0000664
Axis Bank, Bapu Nagar branch, Ahmadabad

Near Bapa*** chowk
Ahmedabad - 382346
Mobile: *****27648

Reason for ban/blacklisting:
1. Sold fake Spigen cellphone cases in the forum after sourcing them from AliExpress.
2. Did not pay for item

Sale thread:
1. Spigen Slim Armor Case for Nexus 5 - Smooth Black - 2 nos
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Name: harlemboy / junkman

Real name: Prateek Nagi
Location: Patel Nagar, Delhi
Phone: 9873994997

Reason for ban/blacklisting: Harassing members
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Blacklisted member: imtiaz786, @RevengeRude, @Hemanta Talukdar

Additional Info :-

Name :
Imtiaz Ahmed

Address :
Imtiaz Ahmed (Baba)
C/o Alfred Ahmed (Dimple)
M.C Road, Chenikuthi,
Near Chenikuthi Maszid
Late Kadiruddin Ahmed Lane
House No.34
Landmark St. Mary's School
Pin Code- 781003
Assam, India

Bank a/c details :
Bank :
Account No. : 10104844987
In the name of: ALFRED AHMED
IFSC Code: SBIN0005606

Phone no. : +919508233883
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Blacklisted Member:@bhati / bhati.45347

Additional Info:-

Name : Bharat Bhati

Address : Shahdra, East Delhi

Bank a/c details :
Bank : Paytm
Account Number : 9199999*744*


Phone no. : *821*103*

Unethical selling practice, knowingly scammed and admitted it

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