WTB Looking for Ryzen 5, 2x8gb ddr4 ram's & A320 or 450M motherboard .

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Yeah.. I am at it ;)
My age old dh55tc board gave up today
Thinking of upgrading processor and mobo and ram, will buy new psu from maker
Shoot your stuff at me
Thinking about a ryzen 3 or 5
Decent Compatible upgradable board and
DDR4 ram's 2x8gb

Location Delhi
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Requirements updated
Pumpy bump
Shoot stuff guys
Need to setup a system asap
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I Have just one DDR4 8gb Stick of Crucial RAM.
Share details via pm dear
Age, price, invoice etc
Ideally want 2 but lets see what you got
Replied all pm
Requesting folks, plz don't take too long to share details, pics, price and invoices as i am not finalize something asap
Bumping up again
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The first set of rams proved incompatible though they passed all mem tests
Still looking for a pair of 8gb ddr4 sticks in warranty
He just bought brand new Crucial Ballistics 2x 8Gb kit from amazon for 4579.
Yep, as always @ruiner21 guided me.
Wish to mention regarding @kartik10
He was very supportive all along and took the rams back in a jiffy when I told him there is some compatibility issue Even though the ram's passed many hours of memtest and didn't have any issues at all, it's the ryzen first gen that wasn't accommodating them
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