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@vink @bhp91 have you guys seen Huo Ji keyboards on Amazon. They also have brown switches that are not as noisy as the blue ones (though I prefer blues).

They are expensive, but they are good. If you have anyone coming from the US there are some good wireless mechanical options for about $80. I have been using the velocifire TKL, and Gamesir full keyboard for the past year.

The Huoji keys seem to be faring much better than the cosmicbyte stuff that's available. Cosmic bytes fail after a year or so (I type quite a lot).

Do let me know what you decide on. :D


Are hot swappable keyboards worth it or is it a sinkhole and we just end up spending more down the line? Or the other possibility is I don't actually use the hot swap feature to the fullest.

Anyone has opinions on this one? Wish it was TKL

Edit: @vink this is 5.2k, but dunno if this layout will work for you

Edit 2: I'm looking at Epomaker now. Any experience with this one?

Edit 3: I think I've finally finalized on something, thanks to SunnyBoi!
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Huo ji and velocifire ..
are good suggestions but currently out of my range.. and importing game is totally screwed right now.
also cosmic byte are that poor in quality? i need it for programming.. but apart from TVS these are the only remaining option..

on the note of .. if someone is coming from us..
there should be special thread. so people can post they are are coming back to india.. am sure this will be a good business opportunity.. :D:D
@roofrider thx for sugg. but thats my whole budget for full layout kb.
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Someone is selling an unused GK64 (wired) with Gateron Browns on Reddit (/mkindia) for 5K. Yeah, not full layout but at least you get arrow keys with this one, lol. In case anyone is interested.
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