FS: Others Meco 101B+ Autoranging multimeter with AC/DC Volt/Amp, capacitance, frequency measurements and continuity test. Has hold and backlight functions too.


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Kannur, Kerala
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Aug 8, 2020
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Upgrading to a bench multimeter.
The unit is in use currently but I'm looking to sell it to upgrade to a bench multimeter and want to avoid the clutter. The measurements are reliable but I'm giving it a 4/5 on item condition because the selector knob sometimes need an extra nudge to go into the correct mode.

I can provide additional proof/testing upon request.

The probe wires are thick and the meter has HRC fuses inside, Also the probe points have a removable shroud for high voltage measurements.


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Let me guess, was it an Aneng 8008? I got the bench supply online from Rhydolabz. Be forewarned though, the delivery charges and tax on top jacks up the final prices by a lot. I'm working on a side project to make a similar kind of supply (0.5-15 V, 0.01 - 2 A) with a digital interface. It helps to be able to store a bunch of presets.

Thanks! It'd be nice to have a nice watering hole for people who're into this stuff in India.
Interested in the same, Hope it's in mint condition and you have the box,manuals etc everything that came with it. PM me the best price shipped to Bangalore