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Mar 2, 2020
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Not using it as much

Conditon : 8/10 It doesn't look its age, but it isn't the shinny thing it once was.

This is the unpatched version (Gen 1) so essentially it can be rooted/modded/cracked and you can Pirate all the games you want (not that I am saying that you should)

The sale includes the following:
Nintendo Switch (with Joycons)
128GB Micro SD Card (Samsung)
Switch Dock
Original AC Adapter
Origanl Box

Some Caveats to Note:
The Switch is BANNED, what that means is that you will not be able to use the Nintendo Eshop or play games online. Not that you were anyways going to.
There was drift starting to appear in the joysticks so I have replaced the anolog sticks using this: https://www.amazon.in/MMOBIEL-Repla...words=joycon+repair+kit&qid=1649263731&sr=8-8
Good thing: The Joycons work as they should
Bad thing: The Motion doesn't
So It Goes
There are little scratchy spots on the bezel on the left that I wasn't able to capture (they are barely visible) that got there as I was trying to take off the screen protector. No scratches on the screen, always had the protector on.

For any more discussion or enquiry please drop me a message.
Vielen Dank.

P.S. I have a pretty good Gaming PC and I still found myself playing the switch more. It is pretty special if this is what you are looking for. Even I am not completely sure if I should be selling it.


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