1. F

    FS: Networking Netgear Orbi router & GBE Switch

    Selling HPE office smart 1420 switch JH017A I am the first owner. 26 ports including 2 Sfp ports. Expecting 3000 for this. Also selling orbi srr60 wifi router with 3 radios. I am the second owner and have used it for nearly 18 months. After buying I realised it might have been opened by...
  2. R

    FS: Networking Tiny PC/OPNSense Router + DLink Managed POE Switch

    For sale: 1x Celeron J4125 Tiny PC - 12,000 - purchased from Amazon, unknown manufacturer, whitelabeled by some desi company. Has 4 GbE ports (Intel 215 NIC IIRC), plus 8GB RAM and a 240GB mSATA SSD that I installed. Worked very well as an OPNsense router, I had two internet connections...
  3. J

    FS: Consoles Nintendo Switch OLED Modded / Jailbreaked + Accessories

    Selling this mint condition Nintendo Switch OLED Jailbreak model. Bought 3 months back but played hardly 15 hours on it. Been lying idle for last 2 months hence selling. Joycons are brand new as that's the only thing that wears out in switch. I got the seller to replace the default joycons with...
  4. W

    Need advice on cables for home networking

    Hi TE, We're currently building a new house and before the electrical wiring happens I also want LAN cables to be in a few rooms. I am planning to get some keystone sockets and hardwire everything to a central switch in the house. What I need suggestions for is: 1. CAT cable recommendations...
  5. Aercy

    FS: Consoles Steam Deck 256GB (8 Months Old) with all original acc. and box

    Steam Deck 256gb bought from mx2games, bought in December end 2022. In pristine condition with box and original accessories. Barely used, hence battery health at 100% (Image attached)a
  6. SamuraiGaming

    FS: Keyboard and Mice 104 Gateron Blues, G502/402 Mouse Feet, HyperX Cloud Headset Replacement Mic, Mouse Bungee

    Selling a Bunch of Items - Replacement Feet for G502 x1 - Rs 500 Replacement Feet for G402 x1 - Rs 500 Replacement Mic for Kingston HyperX Cloud, Cloud II, Cloud Core, Cloud Pro Silver, Cloud X - Rs 500 Gateron Blue Switches x104 with Switch Puller - Rs. 1500 Mouse Bungee - Rs 300 (3/5...
  7. andrew327

    FS - Google Chromecast Audio / Kobo Aura eBook Reader 6" / MB QUART Quart Phone 240 / Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 / Amazon Kindle Paperwhite n MoReEeeee

    Item is used and normal wear and tear is visible on the product. Everything works as it should. Item condition as shown in the picture. 1 - Google Chromecast Audio Media Streaming Device 2nos [each - SOLD] 2 - Google Chromecast Audio Media Streaming Device without adapter 1 nos [SOLD] 3 -...
  8. GeeBee007

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Gateron pro red mechanical switches x100

    Used for couple weeks. 2 months old. Factory lubed. Buttery smooth with no scratchyness. Rest switches are used in keeyboard rn.
  9. R

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Gateron Brown Switches[80 switches]

    Selling Gateron brown switches that came with my keychron keyboard as i have swapped them for blue ones. Total switches - 80 [ will be giving 84] Mintly used keyboard keys Price - 1000 incl shipping
  10. B

    FS: Others Clarence Sale Two: Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Switch and Others

    Hi, I recently downsized and rebuilt by network/server rack to reduce power consumption and as a result some items are no longer needed. I also have been keeping some items hoping that I will use them in future but that future never comes so I am putting them on sale too. Please be aware that...
  11. alankarrock

    FS: Others Spigen Glas.tR Slim Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard for Nintendo Switch Pack of 1

    for nintendo switch v1 and v2 pack of 1 ununsed.. brand new with dust removal stickers price includes shipping.
  12. D

    FS: Consoles Nintendo Switch unpatched

    Up for sale is Nintendo Switch unpatched. Atmosphere installed. Bought recently from same forum. Came with dock, xiaomi charger and cable. Will add a case and screen protector from my side. Bought just to try handheld gaming,guess i will stick with PC.
  13. Fazed172

    FS: Consoles Nintendo Switch OLED 256GB card games box & all accessories

    Hi everyone, Selling my Nintendo switch OLED with 256GB memory card rarely used in great condition with box & all accessories. Screen guard applied from day one carry case & grip also included. No warranty as Nintendo officially doesn't sell in India. Complimentary games on the memory card...
  14. lockhrt999

    Good Quality Electrical Switches and Sockets. Who makes them?

    I have been meaning to change the switches in my house. Who makes good quality and long lasting switches and sockets? I also want to know that who makes less stupid sockets. Most sockets have stupid shutter which a 2 pin plug can't push away. I don't want to make plugging 2 pin plug a circus...
  15. kanishk619

    FS: Games Nintendo Switch First Gen - Hardmoded and Homebrew Enabled

    For sale is a sparingly used Nintendo Switch which is hard-moded, i.e. the right joycon has been modified to trigger RCM mod (keep the detach button pressed to trigger RCM mode). Hardly used, only played Zelda and few Mario series. Not aware of the online ban status so please don't bother...
  16. X-Gamer

    Load balance/Aggregate ISP gigabit?

    Hi, I have two ISP connections (jio 50up/down | local fiber 150up/down). Currently I'm using a ethernet switcher (2 lan in 1 out to pc) to switch between these two connections if there is any issue on one of them. I am looking for a affordable (sub 3k) switch that offers load balancing or...
  17. roygarg

    WTB USB Sharing Switch for 2 Computers

    Looking for a cheap USB sharing switch to use my mouse and keyboard with two computers. PM me your offers shipped to Bangalore.
  18. getmarkked

    FS: Consoles Nintendo Switch Lite - Coral

    Reason to sell : upgraded Bill : available Original Case : available Original Charger : available
  19. raf1988

    FS: Others Kinivo Bluetooth Adapter for PC + Kinivo HDMI 1080p Switch + 2x VGA Switch + Asus Router.

    Kinivo BTD400 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Wireless Adapter for PC. Note - Used occasionally. Price - 375₹ Condition - Excellent Condition / Barely Used / Works Perfectly! Used it maybe a handful of times. Reason for Sale - Not using this anymore. Found in storage box. Purchase Date - Don’t remember...
  20. ryu_88

    FS: Networking TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Switch (TL-SG105E)

    Up for sale is a TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Switch (TL-SG105E) Amazon link: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00N0OHEMA Condition: Unboxed but never got to use it. Tested it when I bought it by plugging in the adaptor to check if it turns on, thats about it. Will provide all peripherals and user...