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Dec 1, 2018
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Rebuilt the Network/Server Rack
I recently downsized and rebuilt by network/server rack to reduce power consumption and as a result some items are no longer needed. I also have been keeping some items hoping that I will use them in future but that future never comes so I am putting them on sale too. Please be aware that most of the purchase dates are just some year that I think it was.

S.NoItem NameDate of PurchaseQuantity AvailableAsking PriceComment
1JCG JES 108I (10/100 8 Port Switch)No Idea1150rs
2DLink DSL 2730U (ADSL Modem)2010?1150rs
3Intel Pentium E570020111Free3.0GHz Dual Core Desktop CPU.
4Intel Xeon E5 2630L201912300LGA 2011 Socket
5Intel Xeon E5 2690201912500LGA 2011 Socket
6Intel Xeon E3 1275201912300LGA 1155 Socket(Pared with ASUS Motherboard Below)
7ASUS P8B-C/SAS/2L2016-2018(I think)14000LGA 1155 Socket with dual Intel LAN
8SuperMicro X9SRA2016-2017(I think)1FreeNot Working, It powers on but stops at BIOS Code 80 or at 6C.
98GB DDR3 ECC UDIMM2016-201822000/itemUsed with ASUS motherboard above
RAM Model: Apacer 78.C1GER.4030C
108GB DDR3 ECC RDIMM2016-20178+1(free)500/itemThis is a RDIMM, so before you purchase make sure it will be of use to you. Used with X9SRA and other X79 boards. The hynix ones comes free when you purchase all of the modules. Its how I got it so I would like to give it as free too.
RAM Model:
Samsung: M393B1K70DH0-CK0
11Cisco SG-95-24 (24 1gbps Port Switch)201914500Port 2 and Port 14 randomly drops to 100mbps but other than that everything else works fine. Cisco says these are under limited lifetime warranty but that needs to be verified
12Deep Cool AG 300 CPU Cooler27/Oct/20221950Used with ASUS Board above, its a 92mm fan model. It is still under warranty
13Tenda AC-5 AC120025/Feb/202111000Still within Warranty
14HP 331SLR (4 Port 1bps Ethernet Card)2020/20211FreeDoes NOT WORK, in my experience it gets detected like 3% of the time.
15PC Analyzer20161150rsThis is a PCI based bios code display.

To reduce the clutter and to keep it simple I have added the pictures in a PDF format, The resolution is 75dpi with 90% JPEG quality so it is so so quality only. But if you want any picture of any individual item just message me and I will send a better quality image to you.

As usual I am willing to negotiate on price as I am not able to get an accurate price for all the item but then again don't offer ridiculous prices.

Hope this is of use to someone :)


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Sold and Shipped : Cisco SG-95-24
On Hold : X9SRA, 9 DDR3 ECC RDIMMS, HP331FLR, Xeon E5 2690, JCG JES 108I (10/100 8 Port Switch), Intel Pentium E5700, PC Analyser
Sold and Shipped : Cisco SG-95-24, JCG JES 108I (10/100 8 Port Switch), Intel Pentium E5700, PC Analyser
On Hold : X9SRA, 9 DDR3 ECC RDIMMS, HP331FLR, Xeon E5 2690
Rest Available