Nvidia 4000 series cards


4070 FE is 3080 FE as per price point!
INR prices are accurate.

4070 $599 ~ ₹48500 + 18% = ~ ₹57,000
4070 Ti $799 ~ ₹64700 + 18% = ~ ₹76,300
Of course this doesn't take their profit margin into consideration. They obviously will get them at much lower prices.
what did you considered the $ value to get this pricing?
what did you considered the $ value to get this pricing?
81. Actual will be more.
Pagla gaya hai Nvidia
With that price their top end gpu used to come few years back
Used to. But what to do.
It's how the market industry and economy work. The increase in price is not helped by the fact that many rich obnoxious consumer don't mind paying such a premium to get the "latest" top end model. It's just a market trend which will never stop tbh.

Say what??? Mf...
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Based on last gen improvements, 4070 probably should have been 4060ti and its priced above what 4070 should have cost. This whole new generation gave nothing in price/perf improvement. Nvidia sets absurd prices and AMD seems to follow suit.
+ For value products Nvidia (vs AMD) uses just enough VRAM which is enough for today but as soon as devs start using more, you will have to compromise in future even if speed is enough. Took me 2 products to realize this. Last time it took a few years ( + i had low expectations since it was a cheap gpu - 1050 2gb )