Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced


I think am gonna wait for few months now and keep my 2080. The MSI 3080 X Trio is 82k. 2080 X Trio was 74.5k when i got it. Even the FE and base 3070s will be 51k+. AMD when it releases should lower the prices a bit.




I've heard they have nothing left after handing out to Youtubers and Reviews!...lol.

Noneheless, they should be available in a couple of days from other retailers, like the ASUS TUF, Gigabyte, MSI etc

Now.....Any news about the 3090 NDA? None of the reviews are getting those ones for sampling as far as I know...
So more news on that one would be great!
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Brutally Honest
Just for the record
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I hope that some AIB's like zotac release 3080 in mini form factor. Love mini cards. So that i can fit them in my future NR200 ryzen build.


These kind of bullshit things is why there should be more strict rules regarding 'release' of products. Same thing everywhere in the world currently.

A reddit thread that shows how there was no actual stock on /r/buildapc

I've heard they have nothing left after handing out to Youtubers and Reviews!...lol.
This is why we can't have nice things. I have legitimately stopped my orders many times after finding out the company uses influencers. I'm not asking others to do the same, just saying.
Will be hilarious if that guy Technical Guruji actually gets one. Haha
Haven't watched him except the one time I needed a review for Redmi Note 3. He'll probably just read the paper with specifications.
So really they have not even come in stock!
Even the 3090's are on that list you just posted, which is far from release....
By the looks of it 3090 will be released Q1 2021


I could see the 3080 on newegg for almost 5-7 minutes. Even added one to the cart and could get to the payment page. But it happened at around 6 pm.


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As i said in the initial post ,if RTX 20 was demo cards these are the alpha beta cards of 3 series ,the real deal will be after the launch of AMD cards , we will be able to see the monstrosity of 3 series on TSMC`s 7 nm or may be on 5nm with higher vrams in 2021 supers or ti`s

What this pricing and card stands for is fighting consoles,AM maintaining the hype and damage limitation ,as they never got chance on TSMC fab for 7 nm for the amount of chips that they wanted ,apple launched A14 on 5 nm