OCZ Revo Drive 80GB

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OCZ RevoDrive 80GB, Awesome drive with amazing specs. If you are looking for performance you wont get anything better at this price.

Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: OCZ Revo Drive, Newegg.com - OCZ RevoDrive OCZSSDPX-1RVD0080 PCI-Express x4 80GB PCI Express MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

Expected Price: Rs 10,700/- shipped

Time of Purchase: April, 2011

Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No, bought from US

Reason for Sale: Amazing specs, but do not use a case and keep changing motherboards, so its a big hassle to use the drive

Product Condition: Box and product in perfect 10/10 condition

Accessories Included: Original box, and everything else which is nothing, :p

Product Location: New Delhi

Preferred Courier: DTDC Lite, anything else and you gotta pay

Shipping Charges: Free

Payment Options: Bank transfer

pratikb said:
are you able to use it as boot drive?

can bios see this as bootable drive?

what bios support it has?
Yup bios does see it as a bootable drive and it can be used as a boot drive. Ofcourse when installing OS, you need to supply drivers by pressing F6

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Will post up HDTune/Tach scores in the evening. bump......
bump with a price drop. Rs. 10,700 shipped.

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For understanding of other interested members as well

Question : well I just saw the spec on newegg link that you have given..to be frank I have not much idea about it. but want to know, does this work as a regular SSD? and can I put windows on it and use it as the OS drive?
Answer : Its SSD only without case and a controller which has an adapter for PCIe to Sata. Yes it can be used as a bootable drive to put windows on it. And works best that way. I guess you would have atleast have an idea about the rest of the performance spec of the card.
bump....Price drop to Rs. 10600 shipped

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Sold, will close once its shipped and recieved by buyer.........
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