PC Peripherals Of PSU, UPS, PFC and Sine wave


Depends how much you are loading the PSU. In other words, your system draw. For sure 1.1KVA will not hold full 850W load.
Guys really need your help, the problem is very-very irritating.

The problem is-my PC restarts with power goes :mad:....i have Microtek 1000VA ups, It doesn't restarts while idle load or like movies watching or net surfing :no: , it only restarts while playing games or while any 3dmark,means on max load it restarts :mad: can anyone exactly tell that what's the reason. :(

Here is my rig

Phenom 2 955 @ 3.2ghz

MSI 790gx -g65

4 gb ddr3

4X500GB segate

GTX 275

Real power 750 watt.

Help guys this is really irritating :mad::mad:
The dropout time of your UPS is larger than the hold time of your power supply. Also, the dropout time can increase with increasing load if the output sensor is used to monitor the UPs output when a power failure occurs.

It's like an air bubble in your water supply. If you have the tap open slightly the bubble dissipates because the incoming pressure is larger than the outflow, whereas if you have it open full tilt you get a gurgle before the supply resumes.

Not much you can do about it, really. You can try a larger UPS- with a much more power-hungry rig (4870x2, Phenom 9950BE) my APC RS1500 didn't skip a beat and the transition to battery was smooth enough that I got a few minutes to save the game and shut down. At the time, the UPS was providing about 600 watts by software estimates - a Dell 30" monitor, and two quad-core PCs, one with a huge video card and a total of 7 hard drives between them. Not too shabby.

Of course, that UPS has numerous other issues, chief among them being very poor output quality that causes AC appliances to not work correctly and SMPS to buzz uncontrollably. Plus, I had six replacements within the warranty period due to them simply dying overnight.
Then what i really need to change, PSU or UPS or both?

If UPS then please suggest me one which can handle this rig at full load..

@TE guys replay....i know many ppl here have much more high end rig than mine, then what UPS you all use with it...

Your UPS is what you need to change. I'd look at a 1000 watt sine wave online UPS (~16-18K) or a 1500 watt offline UPS, from a reputable brand. APC offline UPS is terrible at signal purity, but good enough to give you 5-10 minutes before shutdown, the 1500 watt version is around the 9K mark. If you need extended run time on battery you should look at an online UPS with a big battery pack. The APC service is very good - replacements happen pretty quickly and they deliver at your door.
Hi ppl i have a query regarding the coolermaster 500w extreme power plus psu...

i purchased it a year and a half ago, i have been using it on my dual core pc with ati 4670,2gb ram,1 hdd...is this psu suitable for upgrade to newer pc components proccy,ram mobo only(athlon series most preferbly) with same gpu and how much power this psu provides to the system actually....i have heard this goin kaput on many system cong. but most of the time i have found to be overloaded,overclocked system were used.

and wat is its life time before failure. and wat components i can put in my system w/o overloading my psu(here im askin bout mainly gpu newer ones as well as ati 6xxx series ones) safely.
* eXtreme Power (500-650W) are from Seventeam. They are old Seventeam designs with low efficiency and not enough capacity on the 12V. Build quality is fairly low with cheap fans that die all the time. They are also overrated by Coolermaster, usually by ~100W. Avoid.

* eXtreme Power Plus (all wattages) and eXtreme Power 380/430W are low end AcBel Polytech units. They are generally overrated slightly and are unimpressive performers. Build quality isn't that great either. If you knock ~50W off their labeled capacity and treat them as such you could do worse, but I would still avoid them.

* Real Power Pro (450-750W) are fairly good AcBel units. Build quality and performance is decent, but uses a group regulated design and secondary caps aren't the best (Ltec). I don't find myself recommending them too often but they are good enough if the price is right.

* UCP (Ultimate Circuit Protect) are AcBel's flagship R88 design. Efficiency and build quality is good, performance is overall good but nothing stand-out. Once again, I don't find myself recommending them unless the price is right.

* Real Power Pro (360-460W and 850W+) are from Enhance. The low watt ones aren't anything special, but the higher watt models are quite nice. Efficiency isn't the best compared to some newer models, but performance is still top notch and are very good buys.

* Silent Pro (500-700W) are budget Enhance units. Performance is fairly good, but the 12V rail is a little underpowered and it is a group regulated design. They are decent budget modular units, but performance doesn't quite stand up to most of the competition.

* Silent Pro (850W+) are from FSP. I don't think I've seen this design tested, but I've been told they are decent budget units. From what I have seen they aren't much cheaper than the usual recommendations so I don't see much of a reason to go for one, especially since it's from FSP. Considering FSP's past designs (Epsilon) I would like to see how these perform before I decide either way about them.

Source: On CoolerMaster - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

CM 500W EPP review : Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500 W Power Supply Review | Hardware Secrets
Is it safe to use corsair cx400 with luminous ups? I get a buzzing sound from the cx400 when the ups goes in backup mode.
Arjun said:
Is it safe to use corsair cx400 with luminous ups? I get a buzzing sound from the cx400 when the ups goes in backup mode.
Its safe, the same has been confirmed by a Corsair rep himself (Cant find the link though). Though if you want to eliminate that buzz get a Sinewave UPS from APC, as vip has pointed out.
tangentray said:

All APC Smart UPS and high end models have pure sine wave, but the cost a lot. So you can opt for that if you want to( and are rich :hap2: ). For people who are already stuck with lower models of APC UPS(which also do not come cheap :no: ) there is the option of none PFC and passive PFC models. All el cheapo unreliable PSU-s are none PFC. Passive PFC is becoming rarer by the day but still avaiable the Cooler master Extreme Power series and the Gigabyte Superb power series fall into this category. Please add more if you know of.
Very informative thread. Thanks to tangentray :hap2: . Still, it does not provide any solution except buying expensive pure sine wave + Active PFC combination. For Passive PFC + impure sine wave :D , there is no solution but Gigabyte and CM eXtreme Series. CM extreme series is not recommended by http://www.techenclave.com/pc-buying-advice/the-power-supply-unit-recommendation-thread-155724.html

There are many Active PFC based SMPS available in market but for Passive PFC, I think only one solution, buying Gigabyte SMPS. Its not fair :no:

EDIT: checked out several online stores for Gigabyte SMPSs and see all of them are Active PFC based. So I don't think users have any choice here.
guys,i get buzzing sound on my speakers( logitech x210) when i am on my old inverter.

i have to upgrade it.

i am using corsair cx400 psu which i think has active pfc.

which one will be best upgrade for my inverter

currently on apc back ups 500 i guess.

i need your advice as do i just get pure sine wave inverter?

which company you suggest?
I have the following config
intel i5 2500
gigabyte H67MA UD2H
8 gb corsair ram
450w Corsair SMPS

Can any one suggest me a good UPS. I had thought of going for APC 600va. I am not in much need of back up, but votage fluctuation is a problem in my area.

First get a surge protector from belkin 4pin with 16A costs ~rs750 or atleast a basic 4pin ~Rs350 before getting a UPS if u dont have.

They will take damage instead of UPS so i mentioned it .
Hi guys :)
I am building a new ring with the following config in a few days
CPU : Intel i5 2500K
Motherboard : Z68 based motherboard (maybe GIGABYTE Z68XUD4R-B3 as I cannot find other Z68 boards in bangalore :()
RAM : Corsair vengeance / Gskill Ripjaws 1600MHz 8GB (still haven't decided which one maybe will finalize while buying only)
Hard Disk : Samsung 1TB hard disk (more will added later)
GPU : Radeon HD 6950 2GB (will adding one more in crossfire some months down the line:))
PSU : Corsair HX 850 (already bought)
Cabinet : NZXT Phantom

I need help deciding on a UPS :S.I have received quotes from a few shops
APC BR1000-IN (RS-1000) - Rs7500 (everyone quoted the same price for this one is the price OK ?)
APC BR-600 CI-IN - Rs2300
MGE-Eaton 1KVA - Rs6500 (googled this company and seems this company was taken over by APC/schneider and is now one of their brands anyone has any experience with their UPS ? )

Please suggest which of these will be good for my config or any other you can suggest also I cannot buy a pure sine wave UPS or one with external batteries.
Max budget is 8K