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Steam sale ON.
Deals ?
Slay the Spire - 374

Sniper Elite 4 - 117 (Base Game), 173 (Deluxe Edition with all DLC)

Cities: Skylines - 479

Hades - 550

The Talos Principle - 195 (Base Game), 333 (Base game + DLC - Road To Gehenna)

Supraland - 137

Road Redemption - 79 (Base Game), 113 (Base game + DLC - Revengers Assemble)
Half life 2, Half life 2 episode one and two, Portal for 44 INR. Yep, 44.

Star Wars Battlefront 249

Chorus 349

I never understood the logic behind the ban. They reason it's because of same-sex romance. But it's okay to sell Manhunt (which is a murder simulator) and Postal 2 (where you pee on people) :playful:
From what I've read, it wasn't a ban by any Indian authority rather EA didn't want to face any sort of backlash so they just decided not to sell it lol

Same for Fallout 3 as well. They all seem to be preemptive bans by corporate themselves rather than the govt at that time. The only game I recall being actually banned by the govt was pubg mobile lmao