1. rkkaranrk

    FS: Consoles PS 4 Slim 1 TB

    PS 4 Slim 1 TB (Firmware Version 7.51) 3.5 month old but was used for less then 20 hours comes with 1 wireless controller, Hdmi cable, Power cable and box and 2 Game CDs. I'm not able to find the invoice but I do have a picture of it will take a print out get it signed and stamped from the...
  2. L

    Best games of 2019?

    What are your best games of 2019? Mine are : Metro exodus (mainly for pushing my hardware to the limit and the story) Control ( plays with your mind ) Gears 5
  3. MagicianRecon

    FS: Games PS4 Physical Games [Only 2 Left]

    I have around 12 Physical PS4 games that I am looking to clear out. All of them are in excellent condition. Used for atmost a single playthrough. 1. Batman Arkham Knight - Steelbook edition (1250 Shipped) 2. Persona5 (750 Shipped) 3. GTA V (850 Shipped) 4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands...
  4. boss.bhavesh2

    FS: Consoles Nintendo switch for sale!

    Hey guys, selling my Nintendo switch with all accessories and box. Accessories are like new. Console has some scratches on body and screen. Screen scratches aren’t visible after applying a tempered glass screen protector except two dock scratch marks on both sides. Zero issues functionality...
  5. walibaa

    FS: Games Marvel SpiderMan & PUBG for PS4

    unopened Sealed Unit of SpiderMan and PUBG for PS4 is available at 40% discount. Spiderman at 2400 and PUBG at 1200 or both at 3300 shipped.
  6. samiryadav

    FS: Games Resident Evil 2, @1750

    For Sale !Hi, i am selling . 1.Devil May Cry™ 5 - Steam --sold to @prakhargr8 2.Resident Evil™ 2 - Steam sold to Debaditya 3.Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 - Ubisoft --- Sold to Akash These are genuine and received as AMD rewards. Selling because i do not play games. Product Name, Manufacturers...
  7. A

    FS: Games Bunch of PC Games

    I have a bunch of PC Games for sale, all of which are digital codes to be redeemed on Steam. Selling because I already own them, and received extra copies through gifts / subscriptions Just Cause 3 XXL Edition : Rs 350 Wizard of Legend: Rs. 150 Mega Man Legacy Collection: Rs. 200 Seven: The...
  8. 6pack

    Linux A large amount of games on Steam are coming to Linux

    Source: Reddit thread on this:
  9. 6pack

    Linux Lutris - open source gaming platform for GNU/Linux.

    Source: Lutris Open Gaming Platform I don't game at all, but i keep hearing that this is the better version of getting games to run on linux now. seems to be better than even PlayonLinux.
  10. A

    FS: Games Uncharted 4 & Uncharted: Lost Legacy

    Hello Guys, Look to selling these two games. Finished both of them, played them once. Open to even trades for another PS4 games. If someone has God of war, that'll be great! But, anyway, have invoices for both. Purchased from amazon. Asking Uncharted 4: 1k Uncharted Lost Legacy: 1.5k...
  11. A

    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    This thread shall be dedicated for ongoing game deals on Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG etc - daily deals, weekend deals, holiday sales all goes here! :) Buy Lost Planetâ„¢: Extreme Condition Weekend Deal - 75% Off link Lost Planetâ„¢: Extreme Condition on Steam
  12. Konquerror

    Suggest best place to buy Xbox games

    Hello Guys, I recently got Xbox One S and I am not sure where to buy games from? I looked in to Xbox Game Pass and EA pass. Are these subscriptions worth it? Also is buying physical game advisable? If yes then where to buy them for least price? Please let me know your views :)
  13. Neo-N

    PS4 Games

    Looking to buy some PS4 titles - Scratchless disks and full box and inlay cards only please. Some titles I am looking for include: Driveclub Project Cars III Injustice 2 Tom Clancy - Ghost Recon Battlefield 1 Borderlands 2 Infamous - Second Son Diablo III Uncharted - Nathan Drake Collection...
  14. G

    Hello there!

    Hello everyone! I am new here, so I thought I would introduce myself. I am a girl who loves games and I have loved gaming for a while. I will try almost any game, and believe me I have tried a lot. My favorite kinds of games are RPGs and sim games. I also like mobile games, though I find I have...
  15. A

    WTB HD7770 or an Equal Card

    Need a 7770 or an equal card under 4k. Can go for more if the deal is really good Thanks.
  16. Stanley Rudee

    Has anyone used Voltu to get money from review mobile game?

    I came across a guy from YouTube reviewing Game of War android via this Voltu network? He said that if i click the link and install the game he will get money. I am starting my YouTube channel now and want to earn something. Anyone used it before? Is it good and worth the time? I think this is...
  17. H

    WTB PS3 Titles

    Just bought a ps3 recently. Looking for any used games. Ping me :)
  18. akashk

    FS: Others Homido VR Headset, XBOX 360 124 GB LT 3.0 + Kinect + backup DVDs, Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Wheel

    1) Homido VR Headset Condition: 5/5, with all accessories (remote & lenses) Almost new, rarely used. Selling it because I dont have time to use it. Excellent for watching VR content if you have a 5" 1080p phone. Asking Price: 4,000/- 2) Xbox 360 Slim 4 GB(Refurbished in 2014) LT 3.0 Mod +...
  19. A

    PS4 Games Sharing through PSN account

    Hi guys , Opening a Thread for finding people having common interests in PS 4 games sharing through PSN account . I have Star wars game . Buying new games would be possible on sharing basis . All users will get games installed on their ps4 once we share our PSN account details . New...
  20. R

    FS: Games Assassins Creed Syndicate [PC] Sealed New Copy

    I have for sale is a brand new and sealed copy of Assassins creed Syndicate [PC] (The plastic wrap is intact) Expected Price: 1200 (Shipped, DTDC) [MRP: 1799] Location: Chennai PM me for further queries, thanks!