1. raf1988

    FS: Games [FS] Guardians of the Galaxy PC (Steam) Nvidia Promo RTX 30 Series Card Required To Claim. Redemption Offer Ends - Jan 26th, 2022. (Hurry!)

    Limited Time Offer - Ends Jan 26th, 2022. Guardians of the Galaxy PC - 1300₹ Negotiable if you can find it cheaper elsewhere (Legitimate sources only). Open to reasonable offers. Reason for Sale - Already claimed another code and already have this game. Mode of Payment - Google Pay / Amazon...
  2. rkkaranrk


    These all games and controller belongs to my nephew had sold his PS4 and had bought the PS 5 hence selling these will add more games as he needs time to collect them from his friends. All used games are priced @60%, Had checked the prices for each disc @Amazon and had priced them accordingly...
  3. S

    FS: Games Naughty Dog Fan Collection ( Limited edition Art book, TLOU Ellie edition, UC2 art book)

    Selling one of the most beautiful collectors item I have. The Art of Naughty Dog Limited Edition. Rs 17000 plus 500 shipping The Art of Uncharted 2 Rs 3000 plus 200 shipping. The Last of Us ( Ps3) Ellie Edition Rs 6500 plus 200 shipping. (Dlc and all have been used ) You get what is the pic...
  4. S

    FS: Games Cult Classic collection Pc games (Lotr The battle for middle earth, Summoner)

    Selling some cult classic pc games. The Lord Of the Rings : Battle for Middle Earth I & II Rs 3000 for both. (It is rare copy to find one and is very popular cult classic for many even today) The condition of disc are still pretty good ( please ask for more details ) will come with cd key too...
  5. S

    FS: Games Ps2 Games and Steelbooks for games .

    Ff12 - Rs 700 ntsc uc FFX Rs 500 pal The getaway Rs 400 pal The Getaway Black Monday Rs 600 pal Buy both getaway for Rs 900. Spiderman ntsc u/c Rs 500 Don Bradman cricket 14 steel book Rs 500 (only steelbook) Ff 13 -2 steelbook Rs 700.(only steelbook) Slightly broken in the top corner...
  6. Y

    FS: Games PS3 (PlayStation 3) Games

    Up for sale are 5 Bluray discs for PS3 (PlayStation 3) in mint condition. All discs are in mint condition. I do not have a working console to test, but can provide a refund if the game does not work at your end (only if it's an issue with the disc). Titles: Batman - Arkham Asylum Resistance 2...
  7. aercy

    FS: Games Spider-Man and Miles Morales PS4

    Spider-Man PS4 - ₹900 Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS4/PS5 Upgradable- ₹2000 Take both for ₹2700 shipping included.
  8. imran_chennai

    Should I buy a used Nintendo Wii in late 2021?

    Hi folks, I have never tried any Nintendo console ever, apart from playing Mario, Contra in bootleg NES consoles. Have mostly stuck to PC gaming and X360 playing casual single-player games all my life. I recently stumbled across a listing for Will+controller+games for 2K INR. I plan to use the...
  9. E

    Experience with Generic NES consoles

    Hey guys, So I was casually browsing amazon and came across are good old classic NES game consoles. The cheap generic Chinese clones I guess.
  10. gawdfather007

    Suggest me some good options for Arcade stick

    I recently started playing tekken and one of my friend suggested me to get an arcade stick. Now I need suggestions if its even worth it or should I get a controller instead.
  11. Fazed172

    FS: Games V2 Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition+256GB Card+Pro Controller+Games+Accessories

    Hey guys selling Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition Screenguard applied from day one hard protective case also used. Accessories:All Accessories which comes in box+Hard Case+Generic Carrying Pouch.except mario pouch which got lost. Pro Controller:Yes Pristine condition. Pro Controller...
  12. eraviii

    FS: Games Ps4 Games Sale

    Selling Ps4 games as i have completed and not using anymore. Assassins Creed Odyssey - 700 Ghost Recon Wildlands - 650 Uncharted Lost Legacy - 650 Madmax - 500 Please ping me if you feel price is higher we can work it out (reasonable's) and shipping would be extra. Cases are intact and...
  13. Faizaan

    WTB Driveclub PS4 Disc for Sale ?

    Anybody know where i can get Driveclub PS4 Standard Edition, disc only, for the cheapest (Pre owned is welcome too, but pristine condition if possible plz).
  14. S

    FS: Games The Art Of Mass Effect Universe with ME2 Collector Edition.

    Selling ME 2 Collector edition (PC). It contains steelbook, Comic, slipcase, 3 disc( inlcuding bonus Ce disc), Cerberus Network Card, Mini Art Book and Nothing else. (Pc Game Key used) just a collection item. Plus Selling The Art of ME Universe. This contains Artwork from 3 games. Condition -...
  15. sid41299

    FS: Games [PS4] Spider-Man (2018) - PAL disc

    Purchased on launch day. Open to negotiation. Disc is in great condition. No visible damage, and unblemished underside. Shipping will be split 50/50.
  16. aamiracle

    FS: Games Assassins Creed Valhalla (PC Code)

    Assassins Creed Valhalla (PC Code) MSI Promo I had purchased the MSI Mortar Motherboard which had this promotion. Code only no physical copy.
  17. S

    FS: Games PS2 Games( Okami,Persona ,Onimusha, FF series,RnC etc) ( 3 Games Available)

    Selling many of my Ps2 games. Entire Collection Sold to @V!bU . Only Getaway and both FF Games Remaining . Shipping Rs 60 extra for each game. okami ( Ntsc u/c) Rs Sold. Onimusha 1 ( ntsc u/c) Rs Sold Onimusha Dawn of dreams (Pal) Sold Final Fantasy 12 (ntsc u/c) Rs 1000 Final Fantasy X-2...
  18. S

    FS: Games 6 Big Posters Gaming ( Framed) -(Kolkata)MGS, TR,Heavy Rain

    Hi, Selling some of my Collected Posters I got from buying first hand Video Games as promotion and some getting printed in High Quality. They were all Framed and have been kept very well. Very minor signs of fade in wooden part of frames . Otherwise all still good as new. Some Never even got...
  19. M

    FS: Games PS4 Games - GTA V, Watch Dogs 2, PUBG

    Product Name: PS4 Games - GTA V, Watch Dogs 2, PUBG. Expected Price: GTA V - Rs. 750, Watch Dogs 2 - Rs. 500, PUBG - Rs. 500. Shipping charges: Rs. 50 per disc or Rs. 100 for all three. Description if any: All the discs in excellent condition. Reason for Sale: Not required...
  20. S

    FS: Games (Sold) Jak And Daxter - all 3 games -Ps2

    Selling Jak and Daxter collection all 3 games. 1,2,3 Jak 1 comes with Poster thing. Jak 3 is pal.copy rest 2 ntsc u/c Jak 2 box is little broken. Rs 600 each. Plus shipping Rs 60 Buy all 3 for 1500 plus shipping. I do not have means to check the games if they are working. But otherwise they...