1. Kilroyquasar

    FS: Games Alien Isolation (XB1), Just Cause 4 Steelbook (PS4), Destiny The Taken King Legendary Edition (XB1), Prey (PS4)

    Following games up for sale: Alien Isolation (XB1) - 800/- shipped Destiny The Taken King Legendary Edition (XB1) - 700/- shipped Prey (PS4) - 500/- shipped Just Cause 4 Steelbook edition (PS4) - 700/- shipped
  2. CeyeN

    FS: Games God of war Ragnarok PS4 and other PS4 games for sale

    Selling my remaining PS4 games. Currently playing "Uncharted - The lost legacy" so it will be up for sale by next weekend. God of War Ragnarok - 2000 - SOLD Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy - 600 - SOLD Bloodborne - 300 Uncharted - Nathan drake collection - 600 Uncharted - The lost legacy - 600...
  3. newbie9052

    Expeditions: A Mudrunner game

    Looks like Saber interactive is planning to release it's next iteration of Spintires, Expeditions: A Mudrunner game. I've been playing spintires since the first game and am excited about the news of a future release. But most of the trailer pointed towards only scout trucks and none of the...
  4. T

    Google Play Pass family sharing

    Google Play Pass with family sharing at 889 for 1+12 months or about 148 per person for 13 months seems like a good deal, especially as it has some games costing several 100s (like the Layton series, Monument Valley 1/2, Limbo, My Friend Pedro, Thimbleweed Park, Terraria, Stardew Valley) as well...
  5. 6pack

    Online Gaming To Be Taxed At 28%

    Source: Indian Express So in eyes of our Govt, online gaming = online betting and they will charge 28% tax on it. That's what i took from their "agenda". I think this government will soon start taxing clean air and water to fill their bottomless coffers. Related news...
  6. S

    FS: Games 15% Discount On Steam Games

    Converting Steam money to real money so I can upgrade my PC. I can gift you a game at 15% off whatever the Steam price is. Currently Have ₹9158
  7. K4r4n. Sn

    Unreal Engine 5.1 | Health Bar

  8. slippery

    FS: Games Steam Games at 15% Discount (Cashing Out Rs2500 in Wallet)

    Hiya, I have got 2,500rs in my Steam Wallet and wanted to cash out for a good reason. I was hoping to gift someone a game of their choice at 15% less than Steam price. So, a 2,500rs game will be 2,150rs. Let me know if anyone's interested. I've got vouches from here, IMKC, r/IndianGaming...
  9. K4r4n. Sn

    Warehouse Showcase Unreal Engine 5.1

  10. Kilroyquasar

    FS: Games Prey (PS4), Just Cause 4 Steelbook (PS4), Red Faction Armageddon (X360)

    Following games are for sale: Prey (PS4) - 800/- shipped Just Cause 4 Steelbook edition (PS4) - 1k shipped Red Faction Armageddon (Xbox 360) - 600/- shipped Location: Thane/Mumbai
  11. raf1988

    FS: Consoles FS - PlayStation 4 / PS4 (500GB) + 2x DualShock Controller + 13 Games + PS4 USB Extension FacePlate + PS4 Camera + PS3 Move

    For Sale (Bundle Offer) PlayStation 4 - PS4 (500GB) + 1x DualShock Controller + 2x Games + PS4 5 Port USB Extension FacePlate + PS4 Vertical Stand + PS4 Side Dust Filters. Price - ₹15,500 What’s Included? - 1x Original DualShock Controller (Black), Power Cable, HDMI Cable, 2x Games (Metal Gear...
  12. B

    WTB Captain Claw Game CD

    Hi, I once played a game called Captain Claw, it came with my HCL pc purchased during year 2000-2001, I somehow lost it and if any of you have it and would like to sell it, I would gladly purchase it. Thank you for your time :)
  13. Douchehole

    Graphic Cards Recommend me a good gpu for around 7k to 7.5k to pair with an i3 10100f

    Here's the list of games I'm mostly looking to paly Action RPG- Witcher 2 and 3 at max , Assassins creed odyssey and origins at medium if possible, fallout 3 and 4, skyrim, oblivion, Shenmue 1 and 2 Racing - nfs series upto the run at max settings, forza horizon games, driver san francisco Open...
  14. nimr0d

    FS: Games A plague tale requiem ps5

    code is used
  15. P

    WTB Boxed Samurai (Indian NES) Console + Games

    Please DM!
  16. nitin_g3

    FS: Games Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 Game Disc

    Selling great condition Spider Man Miles Morales PS5 used disc.
  17. S

    FS: Games Silent hill Collection (5 Silent Hill games) , Enternal Sonata(PS3), Ico (PS2)

    Selling My collection of SH series of games. Been a huge SH series fan and have had to source most from abroad" during those days" Entire collection -11k plus 300 shipping. Original : add Rs 150 shipping for games. Silent hill 2(Ps2 ntsc-u/c)-3000 SOLD to @prakhargr8 Silent hill 3 (PS2 NTSC j)...
  18. Fazed172

    FS: Consoles Nintendo Switch OLED 256GB card games box & all accessories

    Hi everyone, Selling my Nintendo switch OLED with 256GB memory card rarely used in great condition with box & all accessories. Screen guard applied from day one carry case & grip also included. No warranty as Nintendo officially doesn't sell in India. Complimentary games on the memory card...
  19. aercy

    FS: Games TMNT Cowabunga Collection (Switch)

    Selling the game as I am done playing with it, not going to play extensively. Game in perfect condition.
  20. Skyh3ck

    FS: Games PS4 Original games 15 games in total

    Product Name: PS4 Games Expected Price: Rs 10000 Shipping charges : At actuals Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Write anything about the product that you want the buyer to know. Like specifications or additional details on condition. You should also specify the additional accessories...