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Upgrading to wifi 6
Correction: I incorrectly pulled out a RBK20 invoice that also led to incorrect dates and product codes being posted
Corrected listing below:

FS is a tri-band RBK50 kit comprising of RBR50 (router) and RBS50 (satellite)
The unit is a great piece of kit and has been enough to provide more than adequate 5ghz coverage in a 2 floor 3200 sqft space with 1 unit on each floor.
The 2.4 coverage goes further beyond as expected.

New set costs 25,000 and easily remains one of the best mesh units you can buy especially when wired backhaul is not possible

The dedicated wireless backhaul between the units is more than a gigabit and there is practically no difference between being connected to primary or satellite

Purchased in June 2018 -I am not sure if the warranty for Netgear is 1 year or 3 years , if the latter then units will be in warranty for few more months
The units are in perfect working condition . There will be some dust accumulation as expected.

One point to note /caveat - the power adapters for both units are spliced to lengthen them


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Hi. I'm interested in this. Can you please pm me your WhatsApp number so I can ask a few questions? I'm in Pune too.

One of the questions I have is... if my current netgear r8000 router 5ghz signal is weak from it's location on the first floor to the client location at ground floor, then will this mesh backhaul also face link speed issues???

I have a 300mbps internet connection so wanted to get the full speed on the other floor.
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hi i am interested but there are some clear inconsistencies in your posting - what exactly are you selling?
I am documenting this for everyone's awareness.
  • document provided is for a satellite only - can you share invoice of full package?
  • document mentions RBS20 which is a different model satellite from a lower priced orbi system costing 13.5k INR
  • RBK50 SHOULD have RBS50
so either you have shared wrong document or have a hybrid setup where you haven't bought the the RBK50 but a Router separately and a lower grade satellite.
please clarify.

you also mention
*** FS is a tri-band RBK50 kit comprising of RBR50 (router) and RBS20 (satellite) ***
it should be RBR50 & RBS50

this is not really correct see details below.


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The only two points are rbs20 which has backhaul of 866 mbps and not 1.7 gbps which the rbk50 supports.

And the price of a new dual rbk50 rbs50 set is currently 24.5k on amazon and netgear India store.

Don't mean to crap here but one thing I just thought of is that the spliced power cord could void the 3 year warranty?

Anyway @superczar if you can comment on my concern about wireless backhaul link speed? I know you wrote in your post it works great at your place but still...

I'm still interested of course
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@bababhish ok, looks like I posted the wrong invoice.
Both The 20s are sold actually.

What is up for sale at the moment is RBK 50 i.e. 1X RBR50 and 1X RBS50
To be specific - it's this exact model
Buy Netgear Orbi RBK50 Tri Band Mesh WiFi ... - Amazon.inhttps://www.amazon.in › Netgear-RBK50-100INS-Wi-F...

@vishalrao for warranty, while I doubt it would - you typically won't even need to return the adapter for warranty
But again, I cannot say for certain abt the warranty as already stated in Original post

update: payment received from @vishalrao
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Received the device earlier today, set it up ASAP and is working as well as to be expected.

Happy with the product and the sale - it was a pleasure dealing with you @superczar - thanks!

edit: feedback posted as well.