FS: Desktops PC components (R5 2600, Zotac 1060 6GB mini, 2x8GB DDR4-2400 ram, MSI X370 Gaming Titanium, CX550)


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Jan 3, 2021
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All components out of warranty
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Upgrading to a new system
Selling all the components of my current system. All items were purchased from Techenclave forum members except PSU which was purchased from OLX. I lost the original invoices and all items are out of warranty. Regardless everything works perfectly fine. I have been using it primarily as a HTPC and light gaming. None of the components had any history of mining crypto afaik. Details and prices below
  1. Ryzen 5 2600 - manufactured 03/2018 purchased around 01/2020 - 9k
  2. MSI X370 Gaming Titanium** - manufactured 04/2017 purchased around 01/2020 - 5k
  3. Zotac GTX 1060 6GB Mini - manufactured 06/2017 purchased around 03/2020 - 12k
  4. Corsair CX550 (80+ Bronze) - purchased around 03/2020 - 2k
  5. G.Skill Ripjaws 2x8GB DDR4-2400 - purchased around 01/2020 - 4k
** - Note that the top PCIE Gen 3 X16 slot doesn't seem to work. I could not get an RMA due to peak pandemic. The second slot works perfectly fine without any appreciable drop in performance.

I will be taking the PC as-is to the fine folks at The MVP who'll disassemble it and re-use the case and other components for my new PC build sometime next week. Folks dealing via F2F can visit and test the PC before finalizing the purchase. I can ship/deliver only after my new PC is built so the idea is to run any tests as requested first before disassembly. GPU sale will be finalized after all other components are sold (CPU doesn't have integrated graphics and I don't have a GT710 or similar)

I also have a bunch of 80/120mm fans, TP-Link wifi adapter, TP-Link Bluetooth 5.0 adapter and some HDMI cables that I have lying around and can potentially throw into this sale. Ask me if interested.

I would prefer F2F deals so that buyer can test the system all day long before finalizing the purchase. I can ship via DTDC at buyer's risk only but I will ensure good packing. Shipping charges at actuals. I can accept payments via UPI.


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CPU and ram still available.
GPU is definitely taken and there's a long queue for it. PSU and mobo are probably taken (waiting on confirmation from respective buyers). I will tag all the buyers once I have a formal confirmation from them.
Tentatively here are the buyers
  1. @leidbacc for the GPU (will test virtually sometime today and finalize sale confirmed, token payment paid)
  2. @zenega for the PSU (in communicaation, will take token payment when I send the PC for disasembly)
  3. @crazysrihari for the CPU (in negotiations didn't agree yet on the price)
CPU still available (if you can pay asking price). Bump for the ram kit and motherboard.
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I have decided to back out from the sale for the gpu as I've got a chance at buying a new 30 series gpu. @silverstar was very accomodating and patient. He also refunded my token payment. Good luck with the sale!
All items have been delivered. I forgot shipping the mounting brackets and backplate for the motherboard which was shipped separately yesterday. Awaiting testing and feedback for the PSU and mobo+cpu