Budget Above 40k Pixel 7 or S22?


I've been contemplating between buying Pixel 7 or Samsung S22. I need an allrounder and not a fan of apple. Which on has a better SoC and are there other options which is better or similar to these?


Not a Fan.
Same here. I still have all phones I have even bought with me. I put custom ROM, try to fix and if nothing works only then buy a new one. I won't be doing it in the future because it's not sustainable.


I am getting inclined to take S22. Has been long since I have tried any Samsung phone. My only worry is about it getting hot while using it but not sure if it has been exxagerated or something with which we can live with.


I'm typing this reply on Pixel 7 rn. I kind of blind-purchased Pixel 7 as I got fed up with iPhone 11.

For last 2 weeks, it's been my constant companion. One thing I can say, it's smooth phone, in fact a very smooth one. No OS hiccups, lags, jitter till now. I never thought Android could be this smooth as my tab S8 on first boot lags for couple of seconds. Those who use Samsung phones even flagship ones would know. Pixel 7 never does that. It's smooth from the beginning just like iOS.

Battery life for first 3 days was bad, later it became really good as it learned my usage pattern. Like I could easily pass 2 days with single charge. FYI I restricted all unnecessary apps to run in bg and data usage too.

And haptics are so good. Google's implementation of system haptics is, I felt, way better than apple.

Though there's heating issue as mentioned before. It has been felt hot few times while doing minimal tasks. Dunno what's the cause, but has happened. Like once using photos app, I felt the phone getting warm even with case on. Weather isn't much of warmth lately, so I ignored the issue. Summer temperatures could be a real challenge for this phone maybe. Only time will tell. Right now it doesn't bother me that much.

Neither 8 gen 1 or tensor G2 are best in terms of efficiency, so choose what you want in your android. Though as battery is small one in s22, it should have shorter battery life than pixel 7 theoretically.

Lastly to say, pixel 7 is a joy to use, because so smooth.


I had a s21 fe before getting this pixel 6 pro. And honestly no matter how fluent and smooth stock android is, one ui felt better. Maybe something got to do with the UI elements, the colors.

Better to go to a store and check both the devices first hand. Not sure if pixel will be available for demo in any stores though.


i have decided to get the pixel 7. Thanks everyone for your inputs. I feel the price difference is not worth the performance difference and since im not a power user i felt pixel 7 is more budget friendly.

I'm in a similar dilemma. How's your experience with the Pixel 7?

Today, both Pixel & S22 are available at roughly the same price 46-47K after all offers & exchange.

A quick feedback would be really appreciated.