Poor Hard disk packaging by Amazon


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I had to search my old posts to find that i had to rma the drive. It didn't even work properly. You can see how it was packed even in 2018.

Was this an Amazon JV seller like Cloudtail/Appario retail or some other 3P?


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Was this an Amazon JV seller like Cloudtail/Appario retail or some other 3P?
Yup. I only buy HDD from cloudtail or appario. I stopped buying internal HDD from Amazon after that experience. I only bought 1 external drive for a backup. That external drive came in its own cardboard box plus an Amazon box.


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Lol. This is happening from years. I got my 2.5" hdd in the same plastic packaging. I was going to send it back and decided to test it first.
It actually worked and still working without any problems even now (touch wood).
The one in the cardboard box should work fine. Harddisk manufacturers don't give plastic boxes now. All the HDDs are bought in bulk and sold bubble wrapped by dealers. Buy external 2.5/3.5" hdd if you want pretty cover and lower prices and works after being shipped in such packages.

I have bought quite a number of disks from NewEgg and Amazon US. The disks come either in
a) Suspended in cardboard boxes
b) In thick airfilled bubble wraps.



This is the first time I have bought from Amazon India 'Appario' (and last time). I was expecting similar packaging as Amazon US, but clearly i was wrong.


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Many online companies were facing flak for using too much plastic and packaging.
They have started to move to other solutions because of such pressure or internal decisions.


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Appario & Cloudtail are Amazon fulfilled and therefore there is no consistency as to how HDD's are packaged. It depends on the fulfillment center and/or the person at the fulfillment center and no amount of complaining to Amazon appears to make a difference in HDD packaging from their fulfillment centers.

On the other hand, my repeated experiences with one third party seller (Eagle Information / Exilient) on Amazon is that they did an excellent job of packaging HDD's. I was able to message them before and after placing the orders to ensure that they had packaged the drives correctly and they did on each of my orders. They did respond very fast to queries too.


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Just got this delivered today, kudos to the seller. I too had got an HDD delivered in a plastic bag some years back.


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