Portable Audio situation


om nom nom
Damn, seems like anything and everything can affect the endolymph.

In my case it's not as much hearing loss, in fact i still hear better out my currently 'bad' ear i think. It's the hyperacusis and tinnitus, which btw is still peaking to insane levels depending on food. If i don't eat for a while or if i have a heavy meal. So eating light and healthy seems to keep it in check. Can't really enjoy music, occasionally listen on the crap speakers at low volume, so very little detail, if any. Watching foreign tv shows at negligible volume with subs. Haven't watched a movie in ages now, they're no fun without the atmosphere created by good sound.

The current nihl doesn't bother me, can't hear over 13.5K in the left and 15k in the right.

But anyway, very sad to hear about the springloft studio guy.