Post Sites open for signup Thread

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Yeah right. Then we have people cribbing on disabled account and asking for another invite here.

If you have the bandwidth and do not have access to HDB or AHD , grab an account there. For movies, AHD , PTP and HDB have nice encodes. I believe HD for TV gets uploaded on BTN. It shouldn't turn out to be another account liability for you. It can also turn out to be a backup for your go to HD tracker. Google for other reviews.

You wont get HDB easily. You may try Other HD trackers. Most HDB internals eventually turn up at PTN, HDT, TORVIET


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I applied for PixelHD, and got their email in spam. I deleted it by mistake.
Not sure whether my application is rejected or accepted


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looking for ebook torrent , any recommendation ?
Was looking for Ahmed Rashid works pre 2004 . Already checked the regulars like IPT , TL etc


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Can you provide a short review? What kind of content does it host?
Courses from Edx, Coursera etc? Or something else?
Edx : Gave me 6 results
Coursera : Gave me 47 results.

Here's a SS of the various categories they have.