Pre Orders for Forth Coming Releases (Updated Frequently)

I'm not sure how to order- just make a payment on intencity? Or do I have to make a formal order here and transfer the money? Using a credit card and making a purchase on the site will also work, yes?

I just realised - I'm in Pune as well. Your store is almost next to my house. Can I just pay cash and pick up from your store?
Pre-orders Started For

Vanquish - Xbox 360

Vanquish - PS3

Front Missions Evolved - PS3

Front Missions Evolved - Xbox 360

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 - PS3

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 - Xbox 360

R.U.S.E and HAWX 2 are available for PS3. Games to be soon available are

NBA 2k11

Civilization V

Racquet Sports for Move

Valkyria Chronicles II

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Platinum/Classics versions of Batman : Arkham Asylum

Platinum/Classics versions of Final Fantasy XIII

Platinum/Classics versions of Just Cause 2