PrimeABGB - have I been cheated?


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lost 4 drives all seagate, so their mere mention makes my spine shiver.
Seagate again I'm using all 10yrs old and later on seagates image got spoiled owing to frequent disk failures and unusual data loss both on internal/external drives.
I have one 8yrs old Toshiba as well using it in a casing as a travelmate.

I'm still hunting for the perfect external drive in 4tb capacity but reviews and peoples horror experiences stop me from buying one..
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Seagate 16 TB Expansion available on Amazon is has an Exos drive in it with 3 years warranty, available at 23-25K


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Hello everyone. An update: There was absolutely no follow up from PrimeABGB after the pick up on Feb 6th. I emailed them on Feb 11th and they replied saying they haven't received my DOA hard disk.

I emailed them again on Feb 17th for which they said they will be shipping the replacement hard disk. I did not get any tracking number for the same, but I received the courier on Feb 20th. The replacement hard disk was not a sealed piece!

Overall, it has been a terrible experience with them and I will be leaving them a bad review on Google as well.
What you should be asking is if they opened the drive and tested it to make sure you didn't get another DOA. Check your HDD stats and see the power on count, and used hours to see if they just tested your drive, or gave you a used one.