FS: Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus LTE | 6/128 GB | Folio Case | Samsung 128 GB SD Card | 97% battery health

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Oct 15, 2021
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Don't use tablets often to justify keeping this
I am the second buyer of this device in June 2022. Original purchase date is from Oct 2021.

The bezels are fairly scratched and is about in the same condition I received it. Importantly the screen is in prime condition and the tablet works really well, updated to Android 13 and receiving quarterly security updates.

The S Pen has a new nib installed after the initial post and works like new. In fact, the slightly harder tip is better than the default Samsung one.

The case was purchased exactly about a year ago and is a transparent folio case with space to acommodate the S Pen. Condition is as indicated in the images.

Have the original box and accessories. Throwing in an original Samsung128 GB SD Card that I used exclusively with this and have no use for in other devices.

Shipping at buyer's risk.

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Updated post to reflect the fact that I installed a new nib for the S Pen and now it is as good as new.

Including an original Samsung 128 GB SD card as well that I used exclusively with this device. Updated OP.
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