Audio Soundbar keeps turning on


Hi all. I'm Arvi. My Zebronics JukeBar 3650 keeps turning on automatically after the TV has been turned off.

I have checked all HDMI-CEC handshake tutorials out there, and none of them deal with my issue. Nevertheless, I tried them all to no avail.

My TV is a Panasonic TH-43MX710, if that helps. I also use a Jio HD set-top-box. I had tested with both CEC enabled and disabled on the Jio STB.

I have fixed this issue twice in the past, one being a fluke, and the other by just waiting it out. But this time, the soundbar is relentless and keeps on turning on and off hours after the TV has been turned off.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Any magnetic devices around the speaker? Could be a potential source of issue.
No, not really. The only things near the soundbar are the TV and the Jio STB...
The issue solves itself by the next night if I unplug the soundbar overnight and replug it in the morning. This "fix" worked twice, but no idea if it was a fluke.
Anytime I need to restart my TV, I have to go through this procedure again.
If the TV is set to control any hdmi devices connected then this is the likely cause.
Also, check similar settings in your soundbar.