Steam Getting BAN in India?

Is Steam working for you?

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They have nothing better to do, some in the government don't have the aptitude for analytical decisions. Most are shit-for-brains.

It was probably a random, half-assed decision that probably went like "Haan, wo Steam website to ban kar do, zyada games hai usme, hamara kaam ho jayega"

The ****ed up part is, actual betting games are proudly being advertised everywhere with major celebrities at the forefront.

Time to switch over to Jio Games for some vaastu action-adventure gems! Want racing games?? Rev your bullock cart and drag race with Chhota Bheem!

There will always be a way to bypass the ban, but it shouldn't have to be that way in the first place.
Jio 4/5g. Using mobile phone internet.
Yeah i am using jio 4g mobile internet in Mumbai. I am not seeing any issue in usage - downloads/discussions in both windows and ubuntu.
Steam is already installed, not sure when it last updated itself but did not see any errors.
Is Steam working on Jio Fiber ? Getting e20 error code 'Connection Problem'.
Is Steam working on Jio Fiber ? Getting e20 error code 'Connection Problem'.
Working now, yday had tinkered with profile name which today caused problems. Luckily was logged (remember me) in community, reverted to old profile name and its all good now.
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