Steam sale 2023


Hello all

Steam sale is on

I am out of touch for gaming news for many years hence don't know about any good release in last one decade

Can you suggest me games like

Fallout, far fry, age of Empire, mass effect etc

Also does steam accept payment with Indian debit card?

What are the title worth to buy during this sale ?
I mean for a polished and immersive game like that with an online game mode i think it's a decent price or maybe slightly expensive

If you have a machine which can give 4K 60+ at ultra then you would not even mind the pricetag
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It is 150 on the EA app which you need anyway, so makes more sense to purchase it there. Or 135 if you have an active subscription.
Fckk... too late for me.

EDIT: Not quite... Deluxe is 175 only which is same as steam.