The "Everyday" show-off thread !


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me broke



Laptop is Z470 i5+GT540

Bought the cans from Jaben. Got the mylarone SVi as a gift from Jaben when i said i am one of the admin in TE


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#[member='bottle'] Awesome purchase!!
Damn that keyboard is sweeeeeeet!

Looks like #[member='Freaky'] talked you into it.

Not really, was looking to try mechanical, was interested in the HP keyboard but couldn't find it anywhere :-( so then tried out his keyboard and that was enough to convince me to take the plunge


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Awesome musical instrument (guitar) from which i was planning to purchase

HERTZ Electro Acoustic Guitar (wooden finish)

HERTZ Electro Acoustic guitar (black gloss finish)

& the one which i have purchased from among these Awesome guitar

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar & tuner



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got two datatraveler's 32gb from alfa (irla, mumbai) 1750 each, 100 more from flipkart, but im happy i got em today itself



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Sandisk 32 GB Class 6 for my Motorola Defy @ Rs.2250

I didn't have much faith in the Transcend 32 gb class 10 because a friend who bought it recently faced issues rma'ing it after it wasn't being detected. I got the Sandisk from a local dealer.



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was box more snap friendly than note itself

Hehe. Note was out of the box, kept for charging. And was too tired to take a second snap !

Anyways, it's a black one. Looks better than the white version IMO.

Lemme play around a bit. Will post a good-locking homescreen later.