The "Everyday" show-off thread !


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ebay and 127$ shipped to India?? no customs?

Hand carried, none of the things I get are shipped.

Meanwhile, finished making an AM4 mount for the HR01X. Cooler on the phenom rig will be replaced by a XP90 or Hyper 212, existing mount I made for it should still work for these heatsinks.

am4 mount.jpg


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Bought this Stealth Defence Back Case for my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro where my primary concern was about protecting the camera bump which will spoil the fun if damaged. :snaphappy:

Wohoo phone is now awesomely protected from all sides!:cool:

Awesome protection and now no worries whichever sides the phone is kept facing.:D

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Link please, bought a redmi note 7s for my mom, worried about the camera bump too. No joke already bought screen insurance because she keeps on dropping her old one hence the new phone lol


Congrats for the router !
Interested to know the custom firmware you are using.. Are there anything better than openwrt ? Isn't it base for many (like lineageos for android) ?