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This looked nice so I thought I would post it.
14 hours remaining for KS to close. £1,028,241 pledged (of £300,000) goal so the game will get made.
Game is quite cheap. Entry level package is £15.

KS Pledge Link -

[DOUBLEPOST=1392878972][/DOUBLEPOST]And another project on KS that looks interesting. Genre "survival shooter" & "parkour platformer" -
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^^ After having watched the trailer, 7Framed looks to be a game I would definitely like to play. The premise, re-playing each of the levels from a different character's POV seem very interesting indeed.

Also, big thanks to @Rickyk for posting these new updates of Indie games!


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For fans of games like Limbo -
Demo -[DOUBLEPOST=1399100126][/DOUBLEPOST]Factorio -
Demo -[DOUBLEPOST=1399105114][/DOUBLEPOST]Probably not everyone's cup of tea but for just Rs.65 how bad can it be? Looks kind of nice -
Note that this is a Windows game that runs via DESURA.
I have 1 free key to giveaway. Only criteria are-
  • You have or are willing to install Desura (its FREE)
  • You are curious about the game
  • Offer only valid for users who have previously posted in this thread (hope this is ok with the TE admins ?)
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Hi all.
Have some unused Steam games lying with me for a while now and would like to gift them away.
Some giveaway "rules" -
  1. This offer is open exclusively to TE members who have previously posted in this thread.
  2. Limit of one game per person on first come first served basis.
  3. Games will be sent as Steam gift links
List of games I'm giving away -
1) F.E.A.R. -

2) F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin -

3) F.E.A.R. 3 -

4) Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition. Includes the base game plus -ALL- the DLC packages released for it namely -
  • Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
  • Civilization IV: Warlords
  • Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization

5) Half Life 2 -

6) Half Life 2 Episode 1 -

7) Natural Selection 2 - Gifted to Krugur

8) Garry's Mod -

9) Guardians of Middle-earth base game -AND- "Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug's Treasure" DLC - &

10) UFO: Afterlight - Gifted to G2 as thanks for Antichamber

11) Alpha Prime -

Have about 8-10 more games but these are on services other than Steam (namely GOG & Gamersgate) so I will put them up at a later date. :)
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Been a while since I posted some new/upcoming games so here goes. Note that some of them are currently available via Steam Greenlight as well -

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Dev's Homepage -

The Forest



Among The Sleep
Dev's Homepage -


Dev's Homepage -

Fran Bow
Dev's Homepage -


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Guys, I have one GOG DRM FREE copy for giveaway of the allegedly AWESOME (I say "allegedly because I haven't played it yet) "Witcher 2" for anyone who has posted previously on this thread and does not have the game.

Note: As mentioned above, this is a GOG DRM FREE version and is therefore not Steam redeemable...


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My list of Indie Games

1 ] Broforce
2 ] Fez
3 ] Super Meat Boy
4 ] World of Goo
5 ] Lone Survivor
6 ] Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
7 ] Braid
8 ] Goat Simulator
9 ] The Binding of Issac
10] Super Brothers Sword and Sworcery
11] Capsized

Ayush Sharma

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Im enjoying Don't Starve right now. New DLC just came out, then Dont Starve Together ftw!

also, Kingdom is a really good indie. Side scrolling adventure with some truly amazing pixxel art style and music