FS: RAM (Unopened) Kingston ValueRam 8gb x 2 (16gb) 1333MHz DDR3


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Aleppey, Kerala
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Packed Brand New
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Jul 10, 2016
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Don't have a DDR3 based desktop anymore.
Kingston 8gb x 2 DDR3 Desktop RAM
Actual model - KVR1333D3N9/8G,
2Rx8 PC3-10600
CL9 240-Pin uDIMM

Both kits unopened and untouched. I bought 4 of these in 2016 for my 2nd gen i7 system but ended up using only 2. These 2 have been in storage since.

Would prefer a single buyer for both, but not necessary.


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Actually I had indeed bought it yesterday and made the partial payment. Unfortunately late night I had to abandon the NAS build for which this was being bought. I informed him immediately and he was very kind enough to refund me.
@agentmilo is a really genuine guy and I would like to apologize to him for all the hassles since he had to rush to stop it from being shipped. Thanks a lot @agentmilo and GLWS.
In case anyone is curious why the above post is of today, he told me that he had posted it yesterday only but it hadn't gone through.

This is back on sale.