Verbatim DVD +R @ 645 Shipped , DVD +RDL @ 295 Shipped

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01. Verbatim DVD +R 50 Pack Spindle (MCC004)- 645 Shipped , Within Delhi 625 Shipped.

02. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in Singapore - 3 Pack - 295 Rs. Shipped .

03. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in Singapore - 6 Pack - 550 Rs. Shipped. -

04. Verbatim DVD +R Dual layer Made in Singapore - 18 Pack 1550 Shipped - 1510 Within Delhi
Rules of the GO.

* The payments have to be made to my account by a Cash Deposit in BOB Account or Net Banking.

* The Orders will be executed ASAP, unless for some particular has gone out of stock which i will inform you.

* No minimum numbers are as such required to execute any of the item even a Single piece will be tried to be executed.

* The GO is still not time bound and can run as long as i feel like and i can even shut it when i feel like doing it .

* Post in the thread all your queries and orders and the payment details would be sent across.

* All Packets will be SHIPPED BY DTDC
i want one 50 spindle to b shipd indelhi only give me details ..thank u .. is it posible to get the pack before 10 nov
1 x clown_abhi - shipping tomorrow + 8gb voyager

1 x thenvk - shipping tomorrow

ultimata - shipping yours in this week it self, the dealer was out of stock said will get it in this week only
RW hmm i will ask n let u know.

clown_abhi-z77195621/23 pendrive n discs

thenvk -z77195622

spolygon -z77195624
I am not able to trace the 1st consignment number(21). I'll check again 2morrow morning and see if i can trace the same. :huh:
then those might be the discs. wait a bit they scan small stuff first then the bigger packets :p . takes times sometime.
Please take my order of 1 DVD +R 50 Pack Spindle. Ship to Delhi - Rs 625

Please send me the payment details.
Thanks for the PM. Can't do the NEFT today, have scheduled for tomorrow. 2 spindles x MCC004. You should get the funds by Saturday. ygpm with my contact details, so you can ship it once you get payment confirmation at your end.
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