What are you playing now? Share your thoughts!


Hi folks,

Thought of starting a thread about what we Gamers are playing these days and a place to write our thoughts as we play a title. This thread is different from the Backlog Thread where we simply usually put the name of the game/ title we start or complete. Over here games are not restricted to any particular platform and games across PC and consoles are all welcome and allowed to be posted.

So, I'll start then...

I'm currently playing Assassins Creed Valhalla on PC: This is a BIG game and I'm putting in about a couple of hours into it everyday. Over the last few days been making steady progress but I'm still very much in the early stages of the game. The in-game map is riddled with too many things to do and quite honestly Ubisoft has made it a bit too overwhelming. I have decided to stick to the following for the moment:

- Raiding Camps
- Doing World Event Quests
- Doing Main Quests
- Scaling Sync points to reveal more of the map.

Following the above strategy has made me have a better grip on the game so far and kept me from losing my self in the vastness of this mammoth game!

Do post and keep this thread alive guys, it'll be fun to read and know what everyone is playing... Cheers and Happy Gaming!
Currently playing through Metro last light. Decent game so far, graphics holds up well most of the time.
Fun game, but its just a focused game with one way to go with some narrative - just the thing for me after few open world games.

I am playing it with stealth, but once detected go straight to full shooting style and then reload before any autosave.
This way i am playing both stealth and shooting styles and having fun with both.
Game isn't very difficult
Many recommend to repeat this game in Ranger Hardcore mode in 2nd play through which changes a few things, not sure if i ll do that - usually i don't repeat games. Lets see ..

Edit - voice acting is kinda bad, but maybe understandable as they have another language as main one.
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Currently playing Tears of the Kingdom. I was worried it would be a new story on the same BotW map and it wouldn't have the exploration charm I loved in the previous game but this game is almost entirely new and I'm having a blast exploring it. The game definitely feels tougher with improved mobs and game mechanics and there's new world's to explore along with the existing Hyrule map of BotW which now has new activities and places
If anyone has a switch, it's a 10/10 easy recommend