Which Game/ Games do you always keep installed on your PC/ Console?


As the title says... which game/ games do you keep going back to time and again to have a play-through? It could be Single Player or Multiplayer, could be an old title or a newer one but as long as it pulls YOU back just when you think you've had enough of it... you can mention it here! (PC, Consoles, Handhelds but preferably no mobile games).

I like to call such a game "A Comfort Blanket", something that always remains installed your gaming HDD/ SSD for you to jump back in whenever you desire!

Mine would be Hitman World of Assassin (WoA). I absolutely love the 3 titles in this series and have replayed them countless times. Trying different methods, doing the challenges and planning in my head alternate approaches to take down targets has been such a treat! This game has really made me think about each mission and come back to it, repeatedly. Each time I pull off a different strategy with success it leaves me with a very gratifying feel. Getting good at a title with practice and knowing that you have mastered the different levels with the hours you have clocked on each of them is something unparalleled. Of course I have been a fan of Hitman since the first game Codename: 47 came out in the year 2000 but the newer WoA saga always remains installed on my gaming SSD for me to slip into it's world and enjoy it whenever I want.

Please do mention your Comfort Blanket games as well folks... will be fun to know!

Cheers :)
FTL, easily put 1000+ hrs into it and some great mods. Although i don't play it as much anymore, its still installed.
Nuclear Throne also used to be there though i finally uninstalled it, because i want to stop playing the same game so much.

Don't always have it installed, but i have played through GTA san andreas and GTA 5 (single player) multiple times over the years.
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AoE II, Rise of Nations, This war of mine (for some period), GTA series, Persona series (Also some Megaten mainline issues), Grim Dawn, Titan Quest
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All the below on PC:

Diablo 2 Resurrected
Diablo 3 w/ Reaper of Souls expansion pack
Path of Exile (less play-time though)

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt (all DLC and Expansions / Next Gen Complete Edition)
For me:
  • RDR2: I never thought I'd like this game that much. Halfway through, I no longer want to play the story missions and just enjoying roaming around and "living" in the game.
  • Cities Skylines: I like sim type of games and this is one of the best ones I've ever found among the category. Not perfect, struggles when pop is a lot, but with so many mods and addons, makes it an enjoyable game for me.
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2: I have driven and travelled more kms in this game than in real life. I planned to up the game by getting steering wheel but Amazon ducked up my plans. Waiting for another sale.
  • Mudrunner: Quite interesting and a different game compared to usual driving games, and still challenging.
  • Governor of Poker: Has been in pc for almost a decade. Being a poker fan I always go back to this for fun.
  • Bomberman: Played a lot when I was a kid when it was 2 rupee for a game. Now I can just play it on a sim app. Still enjoy this game a lot.
Age of Empires 2, Commandos, NFS2SE, Delta Force 1 and 2.

Commandos and Delta Force... now those are games which take me right back to college years! The first 2 games, Behind Enemy Lines and Men of Courage were exemplary stealth based strategy games. I loved the 2nd part even more.

Have you played the third game in the series called Destination Berlin? How is it?