FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 660 (with >1 year warranty) -- Sold

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Selling my trusty gtx 660. Still has about 13 months warranty left at the time of creating this thread. It has never been serviced/RMAed.

Noteworthy features :-
1. It is able to play witcher 3 @1080p giving 30 fps with medium preset. GTA 5 runs at 60fps with medium settings.
2. Temps never go over 70C for me under load. Idles around 35-36C.
3. May couple with another 660 for SLI or can be used as a dedicated Physx card if required.
4. Complete box set and all accessories available.

Important disclaimer :-
After a recent dust cleanup of the GPU, I had observed some noise when the fans were spinning at high rpms during gaming. Upon investigation I found that the noise was due to the fans hitting the metal cover in the top. I have highlighted that in the attached pic - "GPU_Right.jpg". So I have removed 2 screws highlighted in the attached pic - "GPU_Bottom.jpg" in order to lift the metal cover a small bit in order to prevent contact and hence the noise. This does not affect the performance of the GPU or fans in any way. Also I have retained the screws as shown in the attached pic - "GPU_Screws.jpg". So the buyer can reattach them if he/she wants to do so. Note that the sound does not come under idle conditions when the fans are not spinning that fast, and only occurs during load.
If you have any contacts in the zotac RMA, then maybe you could try to show this issue and get a shiny new next-gen GPU. I didn't have the time nor the need to approach RMA for this minor issue. :)

Other disclaimers :-
1. Local buyers are always preferred first. Since shipping the GPU is a big headache. Can also reduce the price accordingly.
2. In case of shipping, will ensure that the packing is robust. Also will give the buyer 2-3 days time of testing warranty due to the above mentioned trivial issue. In case the buyer is not satisfied, then he/she may return the GPU, but the return shipping cost has to be borne by the buyer only.
3. No returns will be accepted if you are going to use this with cheapo PSUs like the 450W zebronics/intex and likewise. At least you will need the very basic corsair VS 450 to run this.

Any other queries, please PM me.
Any words of wisdom, kindly PM me first and I will try to rectify it before you post it on the thread.
Thanks for looking and not crapping the thread.


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