ZOTAC RTX 3090 Trinity OC 24 GB

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Product Name - ZOTAC RTX 3090 Trinity OC 24 GB
Warranty remaining - About 1.5 years
Invoice Date - 28 September 2021
Price - 60k
Product Condition- Clean and good condition card.
Shipping from - Himachal Pradesh via Delhivery, DTDC or Bluedart.

Description- The card is working great and in great condition. Check pics and benchmark screenshot. If you have any questions then you can pm me and if you cannot initiate a pm then you can ask me in the comments. I will get back to you whenever I can.


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Already responded on whatsapp in the afternoon itself, in constant touch with the buyer and working on a resolution.
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Perhaps not relevant or you already know, but i bought a new monitor and had no signal with display port with 3080. HDMI worked, had to update firmware for 'displayID' issue to make it work with displayport. Fix was issued in 2nd half of 2022.
He is getting no signal from any of the port which is weird because before shipping, I was using this card for a few days and the card was connected to two monitors via HDMI and display port and everything was working flawlessly. Anyway, the card is sent for RMA and a replacement is coming in a few days.
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