JVC Marshmallow - The budget IEM for Rs.550 shipped !

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The highly acclaimed JVC Marshmallow IEM -More than 200 Marshmallows sold on TE .

These are one of the best budget earphones one can find in the market and capable of giving some of the more expensive earphones a run for their money. We are glad to present it to you at a very competitive pricing and the option of choosing from 5 different colours to match up with your PMPs. Its time to throw away those stock earbuds and get the Marshmallows ! You wont be disappointed.


Price : Rs. 565 shipped only for pink,light / dark blue,white,light green. Black colour (NEW STOCK)-Rs.585

Ebay Listing :

eBay India: JVC Marshmallow - HA-FX34 (item 260700409079 end time 29-Dec-2010 18:13:11 IST)

Please note :

These come in an OEM/bulk packaging with the same accessories as that of retail pack.You will get the JVC Marshmallow along with an extra pair of foam tips in the OEM packaging .


Warranty : A complete 120 day warranty will be provided.If the earphones malfunction during this period , you can send it back to us for replacement.We will honor the warranty as long as they have not been physically damaged or tampered with.

Shipping :

The product is in stock and we usually ship all the orders on the same day of receiving payments.All orders placed before 4:30 PM will be shipped on same day.For orders placed after 4:30 PM , shipping will be done on the next working day.(Monday incase of orders on Saturday)


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To place your order please post in the thread or use PM .We will get back to you with the payment options. Please mention the colour while placing your orders.

Available Colours :

Coconut White :


Light Blue :


Light Green :


Pink :


Black : - NEW STOCK - PRICE Rs.585 shipped.



Guys please please make sure you mention your TE ID in remarks section when you make payments via NEFT .Otherwise its very difficult to track down your payment resulting in unnecessary delays .

Currently we have an untraceable payment of Rs. 550 towards JVC Marshmallow with the remarks " Master V " . Whomever the payment belongs to please PM us with a screenshot of the same to avoid further delays in shipping.


1X Esantosh - White. Payment Received. Shipped

1X edge111hussain - White -Payment Received. Shipped

1X SoMxNemesis - Black. -Payment Received. Shipped

1X Karan_n8 - Pink - Payment Received. Shipped

3X shantanil - colour unconfirmed. -Payment Received. Shipped

1X Dare Devil -White -Payment Received. Shipped

3X Fah33m -Black -Payment Received. Shipped

1X amitjakhar Payment Received. Shipped

1X bitsandpieces -White Payment Received. Shipped

1X zopeon -Black Payment Received. Shipped

1X Booo -black Payment Received. Shipped

1X spectre- black Payment Received. Shipped

1x -vibu - black -Payment Received. Shipped

1X 3.14or22by7 -White -Payment Received. Shipped

1X Hawk_128 - black - -Payment Received. Shipped

1x pisen -Black -Payment Received. Shipped

1x karann9 -White -Payment Received. Shipped

1x Argus -Black -Payment Received. Shipped

1x-black - CeDrIc -Payment Received. Shipped

1X ShareKhan -black Payment Received. Shipped

1X -Shakensoul-black -Payment Received. Shipped

1X Logistopath LIGHT BLUE- Payment Received. Shipped

1X Theicebreaker - black-Payment Received. Shipped

1X vjkabraham - BLACK-Payment Received. Shipped

1X-anilk47-black-Payment Received. Shipped

1X Darthcoder -Black-Payment Received. Shipped

1X-krishnenduk-Black- Payment Received. Shipped

1X-krishnandu - Black --Payment Received. Shipped

1X hector19-Payment Received. Shipped

1X-technoguy -Payment Received. Shipped

1X kooldude_vijit -Green -Payment Received. Shipped

1X Mortaljz - Black-Payment Received. Shipped

1X Kingcupid black-Payment Received. Shipped

1X Fahrenheit-black-Payment Received. Shipped

1X Nitinveer-black-Payment Received. Shipped

1X -SoMxNemesis-black-Payment Received. Shipped

1X sathyanaidu -green-Payment Received. Shipped

1X tech hunter-green -Payment Received. Shipped

1X -Metalspree- BLACK-Payment Received. Shipped

1X -harpreet89 - black -Payment Received. Shipped

1X-karan_n8-light blue-Payment Received.

1X-karan_n8 - black - Payment Received.

1X sg3707 -Blue

1X M.Khurana -

1X babloos - black

1X TheIndian -Black

1X Srirama

1X Adarsh -

1X MP001 -green

1X/2X swastikrj - colour not confirmed.

1X -ISHROCZ_14 - picked up locally.

1X Dr.Sankhadeep -black -Ordered on Ebay .

..........to big a list to post here.

Also everyone please don't forget to mention your TE user id in remarks section while making payment , otherwise it becomes very difficult for us to keep track of payments and order status resulting in delays in shipping .


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A special limited time offer : Anyone who is interested in writing a small review or mini impressions for the JVC Marshmallows ,after buying this can get them for only Rs.500 shipped :D

prasanna29 said:
Nice colours, surely tempt everyone to buy :p BTW, when can we (at least I) expect some headphone deals from you? :)

Thank You Prasana . You should definitely try them out , they are perfect for gifting your friends and loved ones as well . What particular headphones deals are you looking for ? I will be adding a few mid and top-end cans one by one .

Also once our Audio-Technica shipment arrives ,we will have the complete lineup of Audio Technica products right from the entry level one's to high end , with official warranty .


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are these better than the pl30's ???

and what about kanen km92

i am a noob in audio stuff

was thinking of buying earphones

please help me


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also pristine note please give me your ebay profile link too :)

and yeah faheem i wont buy any earphones without taking help from you :)


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how good are these in bass department ,

are they better or equivalent to the sound magic pl11?

that wud be helpful



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Wow! Finally these are available here in India! Very good pricing Gautam! :)

These are the best budget IEMs. They have a very clean and balanced sound. I was very surprised when I first heard them. IMO these are really worth it even if they cost around 1200-1300. But at 550, it's a complete steal.


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viralbug said:
Wow! Finally these are available here in India! Very good pricing Gautam! :)

These are the best budget IEMs. They have a very clean and balanced sound. I was very surprised when I first heard them. IMO these are really worth it even if they cost around 1200-1300. But at 550, it's a complete steal.
hey viralbug are these better than pl30 and kanen km92 ??


Analog Vibes
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^ PL-30 are more balanced .These are more bassy ,warm and fun sounding . I had heard these when Toxicdrift had got them during the Mumbai head-fi meet .When I auditioned them first time I found them amazing even for the price of 1100 bucks . So needless to say , as viralbug mentioned at 550 bucks these are a complete steal. :D !!

Also the mini impression / review offer by Pristine Note is a good initiative , this way we will also get lot of feedback from the users about the sound . Keep it up !

I am ordering 2 or 3 to gift them to a few friends .Please PM me the payment options .


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How would one compare them with M9 or pl 21/30 as you guys mentioned that they are even worth 1100 bucks ?

which of the three would be good and balanced


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karan_n8 said:
^^ I dont think so. I'm getting one for my girl though. Only if busy bee gautam replies.
Karan ,the orders and PMs regarding the same are taken care of , by me as well as one of my store boy under my guidance .So I might not always be available on TE and the reply to PMs, queries directed personally towards me might be delayed at times. Sorry for the inconvenience.Hope you understand. We will make sure that there is no deficiency in the service and delivery of orders.
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