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    PC Peripherals Faint Bzzzz sound (electric noise) even after using a usb soundcard

    Another possible reason is if audio output from recording options is enabled. Go to sound settings > recording tab , right click various options and find a "listen to device" setting. Disable it. More details...
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    [WTB: Graphics card] GTX 970

    someone selling here:
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    Any Brand of RAM's that give international warranty ?

    Bro this is what is happening ;)
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    Any Brand of RAM's that give international warranty ?

    Thanks a lot @chetansha :) . Ordering now Marcus - I am getting 16Gb 3000Mhz G-skill for 70$ - Rs 5000 .
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    Any Brand of RAM's that give international warranty ?

    Planning to by RAM from US. Any brand which will give warranty in India ? Specifically looking at G-skill or corsair. But others would do as well.
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    HP pavilion laptop slips into repair mode

    Then you don't need to boot into ubuntu. But first, sure its dead? Not detected in disk management application ? Not detected in Bios ?
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    Intel Socket 1151 motherboard with X79 chipset.

    Whoops! Thanks @jaydipmori
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    Intel Socket 1151 motherboard with X79 chipset.

    Edit: Hold. Friend says cpu may not be okay. Friend's mobo is gone. Looking for replacement. lga 2011, not 1151.
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    HP pavilion laptop slips into repair mode

    Exact message ? It seems something is wrong in windows. And automatic repair is failing.. Maybe try booting with a windows installation usb, and repair or reinstall from there. To copy files - boot with live ubuntu
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    Bye India

    @red dragon My sympathies. North India has different more assholish 'ground rules/reality' . We all can get caught up in it. I always ask my sister to not drive after dark or early morning in Gurgaon, but unfortunately she thinks I am being paranoid. :( @blr_p wtf. A women was bothered and you...
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    Any frequent Redditor here ?

    Reddit's main advantage are the sheer number of people and variety of subs. There are soo many different communities and groups. Almost every subject has a subreddit. So with simply one account, can access 100's of forums. Some of the most popular communities for many subjects are on reddit...
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    Android How are the new Nokia smartphones?

    Got a Nokia 6.1 and 5.1 plus. Extremely happy. Especially with the ruggedness of 6.1 , feels like a tank. Spilled a whole bottle of water on first day and it survived easily. Have dropped it as well. Android one is a major plus. Tested drivers and hardware is the most important aspect of a...
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    English TV series discussion

    yeah. Acting is real good. I am through 3 seasons. It got enjoyable after the first few episodes, but.. spoiler for season 3 follow..
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    English TV series discussion

    Any comments on orphan black ? Watched 3-4 episodes. But am not feeling it. Does it get better ? The whole story of.. SPOILERS: The whole story about clones being hunted, seems like a regular thriller.. Any other sci-fi / fantasy shows with complete story lines ? Mini series are welcome
  15. C - Feedback Thread

    Most used to arrive earlier, took 2 months though. But last 3-4 didn't arrive even after 4-5 months. Only use shipping with tracking