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Dec 15, 2017
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Expected Price (Rs)
Shipping from
Item Condition
4 out of 5
Payment Options
Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque
Purchase Date
Mar 23, 2017
Shipping Charges
Excluded - at actuals
Have you provided two pics?
Remaining Warranty Period
Invoice Available?
Reason for Sale
not needed + brother completed M.Tech in Germany

All tempered glasses - condition 5/5
CASE U Full Glue OnePlus 6 Full Coverage 3D Tempered Glass, Full Edge-to-Edge 3D Screen Protector for Oneplus 6- (3 Pack) - Rs.500
FOSO redmi note 3 tempered glass - Rs. 100
Redmi note 3 privacy tempered glass - Rs. 300
iPhone x temprered glass - Rs. 100
Moto g4 plus tempered glass - Rs. 100
Moto z2 force temprered glass - Rs. 100
Original Lenovo vibe back glass - Rs. 200

dBrand skin
nexus 4 - carbon fibre - unused (got in case nexus 4 back glass cracked, but it survived for these 6 years without a scratch ;) ) - Rs. 500
Oneplus 6 dragon skin - used for a few days - Rs. 500

Location Bangalore.

Items not needed after brother completed M.Tech in germany:
Most are out of warranty due to the time it was idle in Germany for the M.Tech completion.

Dell Vostro 14 3446 - good condition but battery is EoL.
Core i5 4210U, Nvidia geforce GT 820M 2GB, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD. Service tag-38ZS312.
considering https://www.flipkart.com/dell-vostr...=sp&ppn=sp&ssid=516tgg1zy80000001598621996996
I am expecting Rs.24,000 minus the new battery cost.

Used - rare 18 macro key edition, used for M.Tech CAD CAM programming - Corsair K95 keyboard Cherry MX Red with 18 Macro Keys - Corsair Gaming K95 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit White LED, Cherry MX Red (CH-9000081-UK)
This is a legend edition now for those who appreciate and use macro keys, hence pricing is higher than current K95 platinum RGB ones. I would rather keep it if I do not get above Rs.15,000.

sparingly used Logitech C920 Pro webcam for brothers video call to home - don't judge me, but I would like to not give this below 75% current covid market price, now that most know the value of video quality during WFH. I just am being like the industry price fixers Dell, Apple, Micron, Hynix, etc. Sorry. You tell me how much would you expect in current situation?
75% of current covid market price.

iPhone 6 16GB - Excellent condition. Trink screen guard with 0 scratches
Is it okay if I expect Rs.11,000-12,000?

HTC-RE waterproof action cam - condition 4.5/5 - used for 2 months

Active noise cancelling earphones, have all silicone ear tips and only the smallest size is used and will be sanitised:
used twice for the 2 days spanning 4 hop over flights to and from Europe.

Taotronics active noise cancelling Wired high fidelity earphones - condition 4.2 / 5 -

2 numbers Bluedio T-energy bluetooth active noise cancelling earphones- condition 4.5/5 - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07GD55535...olid=1XGXSWI7D7J40&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
Rs.1,000 for each of these.

Skullcandy 2XL - condition 4.2 / 5 - the ear cushions are a bit harder since it has been lying idle
Skullcandy X6FTFZ-819 Wired Headset without Mic
Rs. 1,800

used for 3 weeks Philips BT40 bluetooth speaker - condition 4.8/5

used for 1 week - mi metal unibody bluetooth speaker - condition 4.8/5

iPhone 6 high-end cases:
2 numbers Ballistic Tough jacket
Red - used - condition 4.5/5.
White - unused - condition 5/5.
White - 1,800
Red - 1,500
1 - unused Ballistic urbanite glow in the dark - black green - condition 5.1 / 5, still has the static paper ;)

Sold my Honda Civic, hence no need of both used and EXTRA unused auto accessories:

unused Dual channel Full HD dash cam - Rexing S500Pro -
Similar to https://www.amazon.in/Camera-Wide-A...+charger&qid=1598546871&s=electronics&sr=1-28 but Rexing brand.

Items sale due to switching to a laptop with docking station from a desktop:

Used but very well maintained, out of warranty 25inch 2560*1080 ultra wide professional grade monitor lg-25ub55 -
Rs. 15,000

used - out of warranty - 3.9/5 condition - Aukey 4k Action camera
Rs. 12,000

1 - unused Oneplus 6 UAG case - https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07F91STBN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
SOLD - 1 - unused dual layer oneplus 6 case
1 - unused packed Xiaomi Metal mousepad - https://www.banggood.in/Xiaomi-Mi-M...mClientCountry=IN&&ID=534180&cur_warehouse=CN
Rs. 1,500
1 - used amazon basics monitor stand - https://www.amazon.in/AmazonBasics-...on+basics+monitor+stand&qid=1598622218&sr=8-4
Rs. 600


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Mar 24, 2005
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some items prices are not mentioned. some items photos missing. Please update the thread.
Go through market rules thread
Keeping this open for you to update soon

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Dec 15, 2017
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some items prices are not mentioned. some items photos missing. Please update the thread.
Go through market rules thread
Keeping this open for you to update soon
Some items are at parents place, hence waiting to go there and update the pictures. Will remove them for now and update once I get hold of it.
Updating the prices meanwhile.
Let me know if there is any other modifications are needed.
Thanks for keeping it open.
Happy weekend.
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Corsair K95 is costing around 10k & LG 29 inch is costing 18k
Corsair k95 with 18 macro keys for 10k? May I know where :)
If I am right, the new K95's all comes with 6 macro keys.
Yes, the new monitor costed 18, but this model seems to have been stopped and looks like LG realised they were giving a too good to be true stand for an entry ultra wide size and are not giving it anymore unless one starts with the 34" 21:9 class.
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updated the iphone front picture.
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Dec 15, 2017
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Payment received from Pradeep and item shipped today. Awaiting confirmation of receipt. Thanks for the quick and smooth transaction Pradeep.