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    India's ruling party ordered online abuse of opponents, claims book

    [troll hat on] I agree, lets get Didi, Mayawatti, SP into power. We will not have any social media trolls, state sponsored newspaper FTW. [troll hat off] Logging here after long, but good to see the anti BJP slandering. What are my alternative political options, come again ;P
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    CPU/Mobo AMD Ryzen CPUs launched

    No new update yet in January :(
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    LG Nexus 5X (16gb model) gets Price Drop at 23k!

    I am using mi3 at present, bro has a nexus 4 at home. I have to say overall build quality of MI phones is much better than nexus, camera is miles ahead, battery life is way better. I have had pretty good experience at their dedicated service center also. Mi4i is not as good but so are most...
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    Android Need details on: Samsung GS3 stock firmware (India)

    Too many issues in that case for it to be a daily driver. Cm12.1 on mi3 has got better with the kernel now aggressively closing applications, which has resulted in a much better stand by drain.
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    Android Need details on: Samsung GS3 stock firmware (India)

    Cm12.1 also has a bad stand by drain on my mi3. Around 20% in the night, miui was around 5% in the night
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    Android How much improvement in speed after rooting a phone ?

    Yeah I just visited my old note n7000 site on XDA and there were tons of marshmallow based alpha roms. I am sure s3 will have a stable cm12.1 based rom..
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    Camera Suggest me the best DSLR in the 30-35k budget

    Between the 600D, and D5200. I would select the D5200 on the AF system alone. It's quick and accurate. Also I have used the Nikon and Canon stock lenses extensively, and dont find much of a difference between them. Infact I would rate the Nikon stock lens as marginally better. I am pretty...
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    Apple Betting Big on India With Plans for 500 Stores

    You can open multiple stores in a single city. A city the size of Mumbai/Delhi can have 10-15 stores each...
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    A huge leak may have just revealed the Galaxy S6’s monster specs

    5.5 inch? Isn't that treading in Note territory? I like big screens, used a galaxy note for 2.5 yrs, but I do feel we need more powerful devices in the 4.7" to 5" brackets. For multimedia purpose, a big screen is a huge advantage, but for simple phone activities a 4.7" device is easier to use.
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    Budget Above 25K Is htc one m8 future proof?(best mobile under45k)

    I don't think, atleast not the current ones.
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    Android Need a good Galaxy Note N7000 Custom Rom

    Hehe, my trusted device till 2 months back. I have sold the phone with Sweet ROM installed (, its working stable, with decent performance.
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    Budget Above 25K Is htc one m8 future proof?(best mobile under45k)

    LG G3 was one of the earlier phones to have the QHD display. However the display quality is way below that of LG G2, and SD801 would struggle with games in QHD. One plus one, if you can get hold of an invite is a very good option. CM are going to introduce the OTA update features for...
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    Xodiom - Oneplus One Killer or International Fraud????

    This seems like a fake, due to payment issues. The second clue is the number of devices, Qualcomm had production issues with SD 805, which has resulted in a lot of flagships in 2014 resorting to SD801. First preference would be given to large partners like Samsung. LG etc, there is no way Xodium...
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    Xiaomi to unveil new flagship model (Mi5) at CES 2015

    ^^ Huh the dumping is actually good for us consumers. We get near flagship quality phones at entry level prices. What other option you have at 20k, which would come close to Mi4? one plus one doesn't count, as they have a pathetic distribution process, a non-existent after sales support and...
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    ZTE Grand S II launched in India, 5.5FHD, SD800 at Rs.13,999/-

    ^^ Why would 4.2 do in a time when 5 is released? SOC is not the solution for everything. This is a no brainer, there is no support for the phone from devs, and ZTE is not going to release any updates. Skip the device, and wait for Mi4/One plus one, or spend more and get Nexus 5.