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    Android LYF Flame 1 Dual Sim Query

    Got a lyf flame 1 handset with a Jio sim in the 1st sim slot, had a couple of queries regarding the dual sim feature 1. Can i use a vodafone gsm sim in the 2nd sim slot and make/receive calls/sms from the vodafone sim which will be in the 2nd sim slot? 2. Can i install whatsapp and link it to...
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    The Fitness Thread !

    Barbell itself will weigh 20kg, so u can practice with just the empty barbell till u get the form right
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    The Fitness Thread !

    Dont waste time and money on dumbbells, you are going to run out of weights soon. Instead get a good barbell and keep buying plates as needed
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    Video Cracked LCD Panel - New TV only solution?!

    Lol if u make them pay now their kid will never ever throw anything even near ur tv
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    Audio Running earphone around 1.5k

    Altec lansing mzw100 are ip67 certified and are bluetooth iems. Geekyranjith reviewed them on his youtube channel and they'll cost abt 1900
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    Hyper Cheap LED Bulb - worth the pain?

    Was browsing through some LED bulbs and some of the claims seem far fetched like 3W LED=25W CFL, how much truth is there in this claim? Those of you using LEDs hows the quality of light, specially for reading?
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    Hyper Cheap LED Bulb - worth the pain?

    I dont know wether its my perception or my thinking but i find the light quality from the old fashioned tubelights to be better than led\cfl specially for reading, i find reading with a tubelight less strainfull than reading under a led\cfl, anybody else experienced this?
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    Any exercises that can be done at home in 15-30 mins daily?

    Check out Fitness Blender channel on youtube, they have lots of vids for workouts you can do at home with or without equipment Also check out yoga by adriene channel for yoga vids
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    The Fitness Thread !

    If you find it confusing to calculate calories try eating less portions of food, for example 2 rotis instead of 3, half a bowl of rice instead of 1 bowl etc. Imp things to keep in mind are have meals at regular times, be consistant in your diet and get plenty of rest, that 7-8 hours of good...
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    Fruit Blenders? Smoothies??

    cant u atleast search in sites like amazon or flipkart? heres one blender for u
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    The Fitness Thread !

    Any other health drink better than Protinex for adults? I dont want protein powders like ON etc as i dont workout that much and they are too expensive Just need something which will make my milk more tastier and have some vitamins and minerals in it
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    The Fitness Thread !

    Try stretching your legs before running. Also start of with brisk walking instead of running for now, set a target for 10 mins initially and then try to increase the time each week. Doing squats would also help strengthen your legs
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    Video DishTV STB Issue

    @pacificboy trick works, remote is a lot more responsive now
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    Video DishTV STB Issue

    Im facing the same issue with my dishtv wch is less than 1 yr old Do the alternate remotes which are available in the market work with the dishtv stb?
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    got into a fight with a retired colonel , noone supported me

    Dude be very careful when you are confronting someone, you might just be hurt badly or even killed for doing this