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    Anyone ordered something from Aliexpress since the plague started?

    I ordered for two watch straps one and half months ago and received it last week. It took me a lot of searching before I was able to find one seller who was giving free shipping. Majority of the sellers are charging enormous rates for shipping. It's not safe to purchase high priced items in...
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    Budget 0-20k Somebody Pls tell me where I can buy Corsair CX450 in India

    I have lost hope. Everywhere I searched it's out of stock. I don't want the VS or CV series. CX grey label series is far better IMO. Please anybody help me. I don't need bigger watts SMPS since I'm running an old i5 processor PC. Previously it was running on cx430. It's not available in any...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much should I expect for one-year-old Redmi Note 5 Pro with a kapaver case and a Case U tempered glass. not a single scratch. working in excellent condition.
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    An unusual request in a tech forum

    I know I'm supposed to post this in an art forum but since most of the members in this forum are very good at finding diamonds in garbage. I'm trying my luck here . I'm looking for a handmade watercolor brush. it's a local brand made in Kolkata. I have two images with me of that brush . I tried...
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    Android Which is your trusted website to download APK files ???

    I would like to know which website do you trust to download the APK files since it's too easy to corrupt the file which will compromise our privacy. thanks for reading
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    How to buy from a foreign online portal through wire transfer method ???

    The seller seems very trustworthy . There is no other option available The item is not very pricey so I'm not too much worried about the money. I'm just not familiar with the procedure of wire transfer and I don't know whether there is any other dangers involved other than the deal going south...
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    Android One Plus one - best case and screen protector

    I'm using dzistronic TPU case & Nillkin tempered glass. I didn't go for the ultra TPU case b'coz I don't like the bubble heads in the corner. Those bubble heads usually force the phone to jump after the first impact on the floor. You can see that effect in youtube videos in which they do the...
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    How to buy from a foreign online portal through wire transfer method ???

    Hello guys , I have never purchased an item through wire transfer. This seller has given just a bank account number only. no other option. Since it's not an Indian portal , I don't know the procedure through which I can pay the amount through wire transfer. Can somebody please...
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    Android Which Antivirus app in your phone ?

    I would like to know which antivirus app do you use in your phone . Is it any good ?
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Where did you buy these books from?... I mean which website ?
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    PC Peripherals Is there any magic trick to contact Belkin support ???

    I should have been more specific, my mistake ...... whenever I tried to call the toll free number through my mobile it was busy .... always busy ...even at midnight it was busy... Then I read somewhere that the belkin toll free number was supposed to be called through BSNL/MTNL line . So I tried...
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    What's your experiences about EMS ?

    Hello, I'm trying to purchase an item from overseas. They will send it through EMS. I want to know what's your take on that ?. Is it gonna take a long time to reach me ?.
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    PC Peripherals Is there any magic trick to contact Belkin support ???

    I may sound stupid but all I need to do was call the toll free number through BSNL landline to get connected :banghead: . I wasted a lot of time but let's hope my experience will help someone else in future:p . Anyway right now my replacement status on Accel says " Credit refund- pending " ...
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    PC Peripherals Is there any magic trick to contact Belkin support ???

    I have a one year old belkin keyboard which is typing random numbers automatically. It still has two years warranty left. I tried to take it to the service centre but they told me to call the toll free number first and create an RMA claim, then only they will accept my keyboard . I'm trying for...
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    Android Xiaomi Mi 4

    Hello guys , Mi4 is already introduced into the Chinese market. It's better in terms of size, camera, ram, Chipset etc. So Isn't it better to wait for it to arrive in India??. Below are the specifications of Mi4 GENERAL 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G...