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    Anyone brought lithium-ion batteries from Aliexpress?

    I had ordered one for my OnePlus one since I was unable to get one locally. This was some 2-3 years ago, and it got delivered without any issues or custom charges then.
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    Which company's switches I should buy for my newly constructed house?

    Based on recommendations of my electrician, Le grande and MK have lower failure rates. Anchor Roma has a very high failure rate, and I have also experienced that personally.
  3. D - Feedback Thread

    Had ordered parts for my oneplus one (power and volume button). Got delivered in about 4 weeks. All in all a smooth transaction.
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    Amazon India is becoming a Joke day by day. Please keep your eyes open when dealing with them.

    My recent experience with deliveries is that many times they are getting delayed, while earlier most stuff would get delivered ahead of schedule. This is possibly due to surge in no. of orders for festive season. My last order was riddled with a lot of confusions in terms of first attempt at...
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    Moto E 3rd Gen announced (Flipkart Exclusive)

    Omg, can't believe e3 power has gone out of stock on flipkart. The offers were not so good I believe..
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    Budget 21-30k Laptop for coding

    Not been following laptops recently, so can't really recommend any specific model.. While 1366x 768 resolution is bareky enough for using an IDE, it would be better to have a better resolution to have possibility of windows side by side. Also go for 15.6 inch screen. I have 13 inch mac that I...
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    Hyper Cheap LED Bulb - worth the pain?

    Can someone post real figures about no. of units consumed reducing after replacing CFLs with LED bulbs? Time for me to start buying LED bulbs, as electric charges are increasing every year
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    Hyper Cheap LED Bulb - worth the pain?

    What is the actual power consumption for LED bulbs? Is it really lesser as compared to cfl bulbs, as claimed?
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    LED TV recommendations

    The Philips model that I got is just Full HD and also not ambilight series. But it serves my purpose. I got it as it was one of the cheapest options among the brands I considered - Sony, LG, Samsung, Videocon, Philips. I was vary of Micromax and Vu (possibly better option than Micromax) for...
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    LED TV recommendations

    I got Philips 42PFL4150 model last September, and it has been working fine. I am satisfied with build, picture and sound quality. I suppose Philips is made by Videocon (?). The On-screen menu system is bad by today's standards. Apart from that I am happy with it. I got it online for 31k from...
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    Laptops Suggest a 8GB RAM for Macbook pro

    The same Transcend RAM should work for my late 2011 model as well. The screws are very small. What type of screwdriver do I need? Will also check YouTube videos to make myself familiar with the process.
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    Laptops Suggest a 8GB RAM for Macbook pro

    I don't plan to go for Apple original RAM for obvious reasons. The RAM currently being used in DDR3 2GB sticks 1333MHz frequency. Can I use 16000MHz as replacement? Should I use only Apple certified RAMs or others can also be used?
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    Laptops Suggest a 8GB RAM for Macbook pro

    I have about 4 year old Macbook Pro (late 2011 model) which came with 2x2GB RAM. I am planning to upgrade the RAM by replacing one 2GB RAM with 8GB. Please suggest a compatible RAM and cheapest online deal available for the same. I have replaced RAM for windows laptops earlier. Is there any...
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    Auto Ignition Gas stove info needed

    Same story as @Chaos. Had to replace batteries a couple of times. But the burners provided by prestige are not the best quality and they are not able to provide proper branded replacements.
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    Flipkart - Feedback Thread

    May be, but that is not the right approach. Genuine cases have to be given attention and resolved. That's what differentiates a good CS from a mediocre one. Hope my issue is one-off but does not look like that based on posts on their facebook page.Finally Flipkart initiated the refund for my...