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    Get upto 39 months of XBOX Gamepass Ultimate for Rs. 7,478 only (Rs.206/month + Rs.50)

    Just hoping for all AC/FC games and also COD from Activision. Wao, what a library it will be.
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    Help me choose new tv: HiSense U6g 65inch or Lg OLED A1 55 inch

    Budget ? If it is over 1L then go for the LG C1 48 inch or you are looking for either a 55 inch or a 65 inch TV only.
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    Foodies lets talk chili sauce and pickles etc

    If you can try Himachali Pickles or Pickles from Uttrakhand. My Favorite is chukh from Chamba.
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    Wo bhai, hamesha se aisa hai. Simple examples are - Onion Prices/Tomato prices. I remember during lockdown I have purchased Onion @ 300 rupees per KB / Tomatoes, not long back I bought for 100 rupees per kg. Hoarding is one thing which is very common in India. It is also known as Kala bazaari or...
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    I have been saying this for long now. We see so many videos on YouTube where they are showing prices of GPU are increasing due to shortage but there is none actually. Its hoarding and appreciating the prices. Spreading false news that there is shortage, I am sure that TSMC/AMD and NVIDIA do not...
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    Valid points but there are forums which will not allow you to sell on a price higher than what it is on the bill. I wish if TE does that. Because having sold my PS3 once, I know OLX/QUIKR is filled with Spammers.
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    Graphic Cards Intel ARC Alchemist Graphics expected in March

    I wish it dies just now.
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    For Sale - HaVe A LoOk SaLe ThREaD

    Lynx Computer Are You Referring To ? Mr Harbir. I Have Met Him In Person And Boy You Would Be In For Treat.
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    Crypto will not go down, Ethereum 2.0 would have been implemented by now.
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    Brother, NVIDIA had invested 400 to 500 millions dollars for just Crypto and that is how they are reaping the benefits now. They care about money and not who is buying the GPI (be it gamers or miner). The more it sells, the more they will make in profits.
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    FS: Video Card RTX 3070 FE Sealed for trade with CPU+MBD and difference amount

    @mods, are we or anyone allowed to sell a component for this much price. The Price of a Founder Edition has not changed since launched. @puns ++ Sorry to say this but he is true too.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Just keen to know this, is 5950x selling for 58k now ?
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    I just love the delivery date.
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    FS: Video Card Rtx 3080ti FE for trade with rtx 3090 fe

    So I guess Feb end or March it is then.
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    FS: Video Card Rtx 3080ti FE for trade with rtx 3090 fe

    So there is a huge backlog of games and then I need to run my LAB with more vRAM. I guess I'll have to wait for another month or two.