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    Audio Headphone under 2.5k : Sennheiser or Sony or Other

    Well, i'm a XB300 user from past 1 year and they are really awesome. I'd tried HD202 once at a shop and they were good too but i still preferred XB300 over those. The main reason was BASS. You will be amazed with the amount of bass these headphone can generate and they are very comfortable too...
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    Won auction for a phone.. got some queries

    @pratikb i want to go on with the deal using paypal only. But when i tried to link my debit card, it says "This credit card has been refused by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your credit card issuer's Customer Service department...
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    Won auction for a phone.. got some queries

    Yep, that the point. Seller's rating is not good. But still i'm awaiting his reply.If his reply is positive, i'll go on and make payment, else i'll back out. Anyhow, i'll be purchasing another phone via soon, so i need to confirm which way i can pay the seller. I'll be requesting new...
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    Won auction for a phone.. got some queries

    @freakabhishek I know about this. I'll be using SNS/PPOBox for this ;)
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    Won auction for a phone.. got some queries

    I havent linked my debit card with paypal. So should i link it with paypal ? @harryneopotter are you sure about this ? Yes, the seller is not from India. He belongs to U.S. If the seller was from India, then i would have used credit card/debit card directly. Or anyone out here can pay for me...
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    Won auction for a phone.. got some queries

    I just won auction for a Lumia 822. The seller had listed the product as used but there were no original images of the phone. He just used the stock image of the phone and uploaded that. Also , he didn't provided any info regarding phone's condition , scratches,cracks etc. I had...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    I've got few DDR2 RAM which are lying unused. All are tested and working 100%. 1. 1 GB DDR2 (533MHz- Transcend - Under Life Time warranty) 2. 2 GB DDR2 (667MHz- Transcend - Under Life Time warranty) 3. 2 GB DDR2 (800MHz- Kingston - No warranty) 4. 2 GB DDR2 (800MHz- Kingston - No warranty) How...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    I have a Western Digital 160 GB 3.5-inch-7200 rpm (internal) desktop hard drive. Was purchased sometimes back in 2007. How much should i expect ? Drive is in OK condition, no bad sector etc, but it has a tendency to heat up after a while of continuous use. Speedfan shows temps of upto 48-50 C...
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    Transfer files between 2 laptops on same wifi network (windows 7)

    flash23, the first method which i explained comes under Homegroup feature. You cant access folders if they aren't shared. So, i went into a bit detail on how to enable sharing so that other members can be benefited to. And teamviewer is another option but i found it a bit laggy(as compared to...
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    Transfer files between 2 laptops on same wifi network (windows 7)

    There are many different ways with which files can be shared over network. One of the simplest is via "Shared Folders". Either create a separate shared folder or enable sharing on the existing one. Steps are simple : 1. Assign different IP address to both the laptops having same Net-id. (eg...
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    PC Peripherals On/Off switch light keeps blinking

    Hey, i too had this problem with my monitor. The monitor keeps getting ON/OFF randomly and also i was not able to adjust the monitor setting using those buttons(micro-switch). Turned out that the micro-switches were the culprit. So, i got replaced all the 5 micro switches and now it works fine...
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    CPU/Mobo What if i7-2600K + Gigabyte H61M DS2 ?

    last month when i went to nearby computer market to purchase some stuff, i met a guy who was there to upgrade his system. He had almost same configuration. Actually, he brought his old Dell desktop to get it upgraded from the "Dukan wala" . The desktop was quite old and the shopkeeper suggested...
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    Application To Extract Audio

    I use Freemake Video Converter to convert any video file to audio file. Its a great tool and freeware. You can also convert to other video format at well. Check it here... Freemake | Best Freeware Alternatives To Paid Video Software Very nice GUI and easy to use. 2nd alternative is using...
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    Buying a Lenovo laptop from the USA

    Not to forget ~15 % import duty which is levied on laptops by Indian customs. Only mobile phones(or duty free products) comes cheaper in this way, not laptops. But if you have any relative/friend who is currently in U.S. and will be returning to India in few days/weeks , then its a good deal...
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    Non Tech/ General hot deals thread

    hey guys, just need a suggestion. I'm using "Silklens" contact lens and its been around 14-15 months since i purchased. The seller told me that the lens can be used daily and has a life span of around 1 year. But i've used them for like 5-6 months regularly(right after purchasing them) and...