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    PC Peripherals Dell zino HD - decent HTPC setup??

    as HTPC ??? sad IMO :( other than a faster processor compared to the Zino and the MAG, there's nothing else attractive in it. I bet it'll be heavy and a li'l noisy too.. and definitely not power efficient.. Geforce 7100 is old.. my 3.5 yr old HP Pavilion had a GeforceGo 7200 and it just about...
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    PC Peripherals Dell zino HD - decent HTPC setup??

    the one on the right 'S241231IN8' comes with 3GB (1X2GB/1X1GB) @Praks.. you could go with this config 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 Athlon(TM) X2 6850e Dual-Core Processor (1.8GHz, 512Kx2, 2C) Dell ST2410 24 " Full HD Widescreen Monitor 2GB (2X1GB) DDR2 SDRAM Memory 320GB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard...
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    PC Peripherals Dell zino HD - decent HTPC setup??

    @Praks - no negative points with the Zino HD. I dropped the Zino plans since I didn't want a pre-loaded Win7 PC and the dell monitor which is mandatory with the whole package. The initial investment in Zino. The one combination I like comes to 34k and I didnt want to spend that much now.. As...
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    Daemon Tools on windows 7

    Re: Deamon Tool on windows 7 I'm guessing your problem has been resolved.. For WinXP there's a Virtual CD tool available by Microsoft It's unsupported now .. and not sure if...
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    What to download with 4mbps speed ?

    Re: what 2 download with 4mbps speed !! With such bandwidth .. why bother downloading? :P .. stream! ... Sadly India isn't the country for it .. Seriously, .. all you could concentrate on are FullHD-ISOs and FLAC.. heck, you could download em even if they were uncompressed.. At this moment...
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    PC Peripherals Dell zino HD - decent HTPC setup??

    +1 .. well summarised Both will satisfy these .. (Zino with Radeon 4330) SFF wise Zino will be slightly bigger but will probably run cooler.. As always with most products of apple.. :P
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    PC Peripherals Dell zino HD - decent HTPC setup??

    After quite a lot of thinking between the Zino and Zotac, I've gone with the Zotac MAG HD-ND01 .. since it is proven good at HD content and can happily hide behind a monitor using the vesa mount.. also, I don't wish to go with the Dell monitor combo and then bother selling it etc.. To those who...
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    RC cars (indoor and outdoor)

    1 buggy for me.. please add me to the list..
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    MSI 12" Netbook - Wind U210 - Is it worth it ?

    MSI Wind12 U210 - Review of the MSI Wind12 U210 Here's another review.. it says HD video playback and general graphics performance is not really good .. From the price point, this discounted price is quite good for the fact that its a 12" incher etc.. but I don't see the advantage of having...
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    Laptops Netbook..few elementry questions

    Everything you have said is possible .. even the budget is sufficient.. You just need to decide between the sort of experience / time you'll spend being 'mobile' against using the LCD + keyboard mouse option.. If you are going to be mobile all the time then, from the replies mentioned here...
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    PC Peripherals Dell zino HD - decent HTPC setup??

    I too have had the same thoughts for quite a while.. esp. if form factor is critical then there are really few choices. But I still have a feeling it's an average choice. Not killer, yet not too bad either .. especially if you plan to use it well as a comp/DL rig+.. apart from its HTPC duties...
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    python executables?

    I've not used this but you might give it a try cx_Freeze Now the installer idea (secondary).. instead of installer, you could just try to package all standalone files and make them into a self extractable EXE. That way the self ext file is a portable file.. and the files that extract from it...
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    Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, first step into Quality Audio

    Ah .. and looks like you are doing good in all of em :) .. really nice photographs.. did you audition the 9.2 as well? .. Can you please post a pic of the rear of Norge 2060? .. and what connection type between your PC and the Norge? .. thanks,
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    Laptops Core i3/i5 laptop?

    On Ebay: Link