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    Looking for IT Job in Mumbai

    @raksrules In addition to service companies, there are many Investment bank captives paying much better and quite a few product companies too. Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Nomura, MSCI etc are the IB's i know of as i've worked mainly in this domain. These are mostly located in...
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    Audio Help! TF10 broke , reshell?

    Hi Friends, I decided to change my UE TF 10 cable today, as it has been having some trouble at the 3.5mm jack end. So i carefully removed the pin from the right socket and then tried doing the same for the left one and to my horror, it came out with the internal pin and connection. :nailbiting...
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    Android India Specific OnePlus Invites - Share &/or Queue Up Here

    Many thanks to @drkrack for sharing the invite. God bless you.Anyones got a 16gb one plus one invite? I am looking to buy the 16gb model. Can someone help please, my phones touch on most screen has stopped working? drkrack shared me the 64gb model invite. i have not activated it yet.
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    Solo trip december 1-15 or something else

    So i have leaves lapsing year end and plans with friends not working out as everyone is not getting leaves at the same time. Thinking (read as gathering courage) of going on a solo trip, explore a new place and myself as a solo traveller. This is the only forum lurk in and can rely on. So folks...
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    Budget 0-20k 2nd hand laptop - what to look before buying

    I have come across a dell vostro 3500 (i3 dont know which generation - 2GB ram 320GB HDD) laptop being sold by an acquaintance of a friend. cost 17k Its 10 months old and had to be taken to service center once for hard disk & keyboard arrow key issue. Hard disk was replaced. 2 months warranty...
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    Are Air Coolers any useful ?

    would you please elaborate? just curious, as even i did read pretty bad reviews about symphony, but this model was the best i found suitable for my needs, particularly the tall design.
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    Are Air Coolers any useful ?

    Air Cooler owner here - Mumbai area. I bought Symphony Diet 50i three weeks back (R.s 8.6k) and extremely satisfied with the purchase. Firstly Air cooler are not a replacement for AC's; lets be clear on this. Air coolers do a much much better job that regular fans as they throw cooler air As...
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    Android Google Nexus 4 - Discussion Thread

    Yes, i have a skinomi front and back screenguard applied, and it does not disturb the screen guard at all. My previous TPU cover edges used to affect the screenguard.
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    Video Suggest 42"/46"/47" LCD or LED LCD FHD TV

    @sagar.sdm thanks for your updates. please do post your feedback once you check out the Sammys and Sonys. This would be helpful for a number of folks here.
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    Android Google Nexus 4 - Discussion Thread

    Hi All, I came across a Non OEM bumper on ebay india. I called up the seller who gave an honest opinion and also contacted the buyers who bought from him. The response was positive. The seller mentioned that its good overall and just that the side frame may loose color after 2 months. Did soem...
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    Google Cancelling Orders for Nexus Devices, due to multiple accounts created!

    I think going forward mods should ensure that people should not be allowed to sell NEW devices here to make killing profit. Like in case of Nexus 4. This forum and the market section is for the mutual benefit of the members. If you are here to make profits, register yourself as a seller...
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    Android Google Nexus 4 - Discussion Thread

    Proud owner of N4 :) i find the skinomi tech skin best for the nexus 4. been using it for exactly 2 months now. the feel is awesome. its non slippery (both front n back) No loss of touch sensitivity or display quality reduction.
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    Video Toshiba 40inch PS200 (Thinking LED) any reviews/feedback?

    Hi @flip31, thanks for your comments. I did visit the showroom, but it gets overwhelming with so many models around and after sometime you just cant make out the difference. Its just like perfumes, after checking a couple of fragrances you cant make a difference at all. How is the USB support...
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    Google LG Nexus 4 Pre Order, 8GB - Rs.21728/- & 16GB - Rs.25490/-

    is this site reliable? and the price is inclusive of shipping to india? anyone ordered this?