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    Anyone having Synology NAS Experience in India

    Thanks @Arya. There is one more reason for Synology which is missing in WD that is ability to run VM and Docker Containers. The model I chose NS220J doesn't have that so I have to go with a higher model. I will have to go with 220+ or equivalent. I am aware that they are expensive but if I buy...
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    A decent home cctv camera setup.

    If you are good on budget. You can try Ubiquiti... Website Online India Store
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    Anyone having Synology NAS Experience in India

    Hi There I have been using public cloud to backup stuff. I have purchased the Microsoft OneDrive Premium plan which gives 1TB storage along with various other perks, but that's limited to my account. Off lately I was thinking to move all the stuff to my home by purchasing a Synology NAS. The...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi There, I am a newbie here. Was searching for some tips over the web landed be here few days ago. Registered today though. I am here to chit chat about networks
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    Nokia G-140W-F bridge mode?

    I can confirm the process @tellanand described worked for me in Delhi. I recently added Airtel as my second ISP connection in addition to ACT and they gave me Nokia G-140W-F. I am using port 4 only on the Nokia Router in bridge mode, other ports are untouched. I followed following steps outlined...